10 Celebrity Nose Jobs

  Posted on February 21, 2014   Last updated on December 7, 2017 |   

It’s no secret that celebrities avail themselves of plastic surgery procedures. Everything from post baby liposuction to breast enhancements are utilized by these luminaries to improve, enhance, augment, and make themselves pretty. One of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery that movie stars and other entertainers undergo is the rhinoplasty, or as laymen call it, the nose job. We find it interesting that some celebrities will deny ever having had rhinoplasty procedures when there are so many pictures that show them before and after that prove work has been done. Ours are not to question their reasoning, rather it is to provide a list of celebrities who have had, or may have had, nose jobs. The list as is as follows and is in no particular order.

  • Winona RyderWinona Ryder – Winona has always been a beautiful woman. But if you take a look at photographs of her when she was younger and then compare them to pictures of her in later years, there is a suggestion that rhinoplasty surgery took place. Her nose appears slimmer and has more definition. She’s not saying, but she knows, just like her plastic surgeon.
  • Shia LeBouf nose jobShia LeBouf – here’s another actor whose younger pictures show a nose that is less refined than in recent times. There have been rumors of rhinoplasty over the years, but he isn’t saying. But there is enough of a difference to make this list.
  • Jennifer Grey nose jobJennifer Grey – Jennifer is an interesting case in that she elected to have rhinoplasty after she became famous. As the star of the box office smash Dirty Dancing, she became a household name. She chose to have rhinoplasty, and it severely altered her appearance. It is said that she has blamed the nose job for having a negative impact on her career because she has become unrecognizable.
  • Christina Aguilera nose jobChristina Aguilera – Christina has had definite plastic surgery. Her nose has a more sculpted look than when she first started out.
  • Jennifer Aniston nose jobJennifer Aniston – no rhinoplasty list would be complete without this “Friends” star. She has not admitted to rhinoplasty, but when you compare younger pictures to current ones it’s easy to see. Apparently she had a broken nose in high school, and that was the reason for her nose job.
  • Patirck Dempsey nose jobPatrick Dempsey – from a goofy young star to Dr. McDreamy, his looks have improved with age. The rumors are that he had a nose job, but he says that he’s broken it three times. It’s still quite prominent however, the bridge is much slimmer than before.
  • Madonna nose jobMadonna – Madonna has always said she would not rule plastic surgery out in the pursuit of staying young looking and beautiful. There have been rumors for decades that she’s had a nose job. If you look at older pictures, it seems probable that she had rhinoplasty.
  • Tom Cruise nose jobTom Cruise – Tom’s nose has always been a bit crooked and relatively large. Has he had a nose job? That is entirely possible. When you look at older photographs, you notice the bridge of his nose is wider than in recent years.
  • Angelina Jolie nose jobAngelina Jolie – Angelina is one of the most beautiful women on earth. It’s apparent that she’s had cosmetic surgery, including a nose job.
  • Michael Jackson nose jobMichael Jackson – it is painfully obvious that Michael had numerous rhinoplasty procedures. His transformation went from moderate and attractive, to almost no nose whatsoever.

Public fascination with celebrity transformations is no secret. We enjoy following our idols, including making speculation about the plastic surgery procedures they have had performed. That is just human nature.

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