7 Facts You Should Know Before Getting Botox

Considered as one of the most widely known cosmetic brands out on the market, Botox is a popular procedure among patients for its various benefits It is commonly used to relax the facial muscles in order to reduce visible signs of aging and expression lines of the face Botox can also treat other... | Read More

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7 facts you should know before getting botoxConsidered as one of the most widely known cosmetic brands out on the market, Botox is a popular procedure among patients for its various benefits. It is commonly used to relax the facial muscles in order to reduce visible signs of aging and expression lines of the face. Botox can also treat other conditions such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), overactive masseter muscles (teeth grinding), chronic migraines, etc.botox special

At The Memorial Spa, we offer Botox treatments carried out by professional licensed providers to ensure optimal results with every session. Here are some helpful facts on Botox prior to your appointment with us:

  1. Consult a Licensed Medical Professional
    When considering Botox, make sure you consult with a licensed provider who will thoroughly assess your facial muscle movements and thoroughly discuss your goals before presenting treatment options. This will ensure the best result possible that aligns with your aesthetic needs and goals.
  2. Botox is Safe
    Since its approval by the Food and Drug Administration in 1989, Botox has been widely used for both aesthetic and therapeutic treatment. The amount of Botulinum toxin used in the application of cosmetic Botox is in small doses and is completely safe to be injected into the body. It is still highly recommended to consult with a licensed provider to carry out the treatment to ensure safety and quality results.
  3. Botox Injections Takes Less Than 15 Minutes
    The injection of Botox treatment is relatively quick with little to no discomfort. The treatment does not typically require the use of any topical anesthetics. It takes less than 15 minutes for a full treatment depending on the number of injections, based on the size of the treatment area, to achieve the desired results. The effects of Botox can be seen as early as 4-5 days after the treatment and can take up to a full 2 weeks for optimal results.
  4. Botox Doesn’t Last a Lifetime
    Unfortunately, Botox injections that keep the nerves from sending signals to the muscles will start to wear off after 3-6 months. In some cases, patients will begin to feel the Botox wearing off as fast as 2 months. The longevity of Botox varies for each individual, and the patient’s overall lifestyle is a huge factor in determining the longevity of the treatment.
  5. Botox is a Brand Name
    It’s very common for patients to refer to the treatment as “Botox” when in fact, Botox is an official brand name among other brands on the market such as Dysport and Xeomin. Every brand name uses the same strain of bacteria for its product, and each one has its own characteristics that vary depending on the brand. The brand preference is based on each individual’s experience with the product.
  6. Possible Adverse Effects
    Just like every other treatment, side effects are to be expected. With Botox, headaches mild swelling, pinpoint bruising are considered to be normal reactions by the body following the treatment. That’s why it is highly recommended that a licensed provider performs the procedure to avoid any complications that are outside of the common side effects.
  7. Botox vs Dermal Fillers
    In some cases, patients opt to combine their Botox treatment with Dermal fillers to enhance their overall results. Dermal fillers last longer than Botox treatment since it does not act on the muscles. The main component of Dermal filler is Hyaluronic acid, which is found in some fluids and tissues in the body that add the plumping effect to the skin. When injected, it is a transparent gel compatible with the body. Fillers are commonly used to address fine lines, moderate to deep wrinkles, and volume loss that Botox alone cannot treat.


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    Key Takeaways

    Numerous advancements in the field of plastic surgery and cosmetics have given patients a wide range of options to choose from to achieve the best version of themselves. Botox continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures utilized by licensed providers to address common signs of aging, such as expressive forehead lines, crow’s feet, and fine lines. Call The Memorial Spa today to schedule a complimentary consultation at 713-633-4411.

Request Your ConsultationYou can request a consultation online or if you have any questions please call the office 713-633-4411.

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