8 Celebrities Who Have Gone From Young, To Old, To Young Again Through Plastic Surgery!

  Posted on January 13, 2014   Last updated on December 8, 2017 |   

Aging is a part of life, even for the most famous of celebrities (aside from say Halle Berry and Denzel Washington). However, when your career depends on how good you look with the potential of your next role being stolen away by an up-and-coming 20-something year old, many celebs will turn to the best plastic surgeons to help them turn back the hands of time.

Checkout 8 celebrities below who were beginning to look like chewed up prunes before sipping from the fountain of youth:

Rupert Everett looking young for his best friend’s Best Friend’s Wedding…

Rupert Everett plastic surgery

Black Sabboth’s forever groupie, Sharon Osborne:

Sharon Osborne plastic surgery

Robert Redford should have no problems making Indecent Proposals with less wrinkles

Robert Redford plastic surgery

Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko / Michael Douglas, looking extremely smooth

Michael Douglas plastic surgery

The queen of fashion bashing, Joan Rivers, looks 50 again!

Joan Rivers plastic surgery

Clint Eastwood went from Good to Bad / Ugly to Good again:

Clint Eastwood plastic surgery

At 57, Billy Bob Thorton might actually have a chance to win Angelina Jolie back… but probably not…

Billy Bob Thorton plastic surgery

Seems like someone was singing sweet sweet sounds to Barry Manilow‘s face.

Barry Manilow plastic surgery

Final step is a simple rhinoplasty procedure:

Click here to learn more about any of the celebrity procedures above!

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