A Tummy Tuck Works Where Sit-ups Fail

  Posted on September 4, 2013   Last updated on October 30, 2014 |   

Most of us reach that point in life when our tummy hangs over the waist of our pants. Even when we exercise hard and slim down in general, the tummy is frequently resistant to exercise. There are many reasons why this occurs. As we age, our skin loses elasticity. With significant weight gain and loss, or pregnancy, the skin around our mid section stretches, and at some point, it may not revert to normal. That leaves us with a sagging or drooping belly. Sit-ups do not have an effect on this saggy area because it isn’t fat, it is skin. Once it is stretched, exercise and diet no longer have an impact. The only viable solution becomes a tummy tuck.

Men and women both can benefit from a tummy tuck in Houston. It goes without saying that men have an issue with abdominal skin drooping. Both genders can have issues in this area. We often regard cosmetic surgery as the purview of women, but there is no reason why a man should have to live with unsightly skin hanging over his belt or bathing suit. It is an unfortunate fact that this drooping skin is virtually impossible to deal with without a surgeon’s help. It can be a tremendous source of embarrassment. Especially if you have worked hard to lose weight, and are at your ideal weight, but still feel uncomfortable at the beach or the pool.

The tummy tuck procedure entails the removal of skin from between your navel and your pubic area. An incision is made that runs across the lower abdomen from hip to hip. It is placed beneath the bikini line so it can be hidden by underwear or bathing suits. The belly button may need to be repositioned. The abdominal muscles are tightened, and the overall results are a firmer, flatter tummy. You need to be in good general health prior to the procedure, and have reasonable expectations for the outcome of the surgery. The surgery can last up to five hours.

This is considered major surgery, and as with any surgery there are attendant risks, and the possibility of complications. Your cosmetic surgeon will cover these risks, as well as the benefits, in great detail. The procedure has been refined over the years, and advances have been made in medical knowledge, equipment, and techniques, to the point that the procedure is very safe, and yields a high patient satisfaction ratio. Most patients who undergo the procedure report that they would recommend it to friends and family. To learn more about the procedure and recovery, click here.

Your procedure should be performed by a highly qualified, board certified Houston tummy tuck surgeon. Board certification means that the surgeon has a higher level of expertise and knowledge. Feel free to ask questions about the procedure during your initial consultation. Your surgeon will be happy to answer your questions and explain why a tummy tuck will work where sit-ups fail.

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