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  Posted on July 19, 2013   Last updated on November 25, 2016 |   

The Decisions that Go Into Breast Augmentation

There are two main factors that the doctor and patient need to decide on together before going on and getting the procedure done: implant shape and placement. These two factors are actually very important because the outcome is directly affected by these two factors.

Round Implants

Round implants have this special ability to give more projection (how protruded the breasts will become). Overall, this means that it will fill out the bust.

Another thing to note about this type of implant is that it is the most used by plastic surgeons. Its popularity is mainly because the material used for this is silicone for the liquid filling and the sac. Because it is silicone-based, it can give off a more natural look and feel as well as avoid rotating inside the breast while going through everyday life.

Teardrop Implants

Teardrop implants a little more difficult to work with (hence, the doctors use and suggest round implants much more, as mentioned awhile ago). There are actually three factors that make the teardrop implants much more difficult to work with: limited placement options, they are only available in saline implants, and they have a textured sac.

The placement is limited exactly because of its shape. It is usually placed only in one area which means it can only be limited to one such effect. Furthermore, it is also placed only above the muscle, meaning it can be easily detected by sight and touch.

The problem with saline implants is, although the resulting incision to get the implants inside is smaller, the problem is that it does not always give off a “natural” look.

Lastly, a textured sac, unlike the silicone sac, could rotate at any point, resulting in deformed looking breasts.

On the bright side, however, the patients themselves who went ahead and used the teardrop shaped implants said that the look is much more natural as opposed to the experts saying that the round implants look much more natural.

Over the Muscle

Now, we’re going on over to placement decisions. A while ago, I said that the saline implants/teardrop implants could only go over the muscle. I didn’t mention, however, that the round implants could go over the muscle as well. Also above, I mentioned bad effects about this placement. There is, of course, a bright side to this placement – pain and look.

Placing it over the muscle means that only the skin will be cut. This will mean that movement and normal everyday life activities will resume much faster and post-op trauma is definitely lessened as it acts like a deep cut. As for the look, I mentioned awhile ago that the patients themselves have reported that they were much happier as the procedure’s outcome felt more natural to the way they looked and, therefore, no intrusive questions were asked.

Under the Muscle

Only the round implant users will benefit from this placement now. This placement ensures a sort of extra padding to protect the implant from bursting. Experts also report that this placement produces the least bad effects like rippling and, more importantly, it is the most consistent of the two placements, almost always creating no problems.

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