Breast Augmentation and Your Wardrobe

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Breast surgery houston

Perhaps the most common plastic surgery procedure in Houston is breast augmentation surgery. There are numerous benefits to increasing the volume and size of your breasts. It can give you confidence, a boost to your self-esteem; make you feel better about you, and life in general. However, the biggest benefit (no pun intended) is the increase in size and what it can do for your shape. Most women will admit to wishing their breasts were larger, or better shaped. If Mother Nature hasn’t endowed you with a proportional figure, then medical science can come to the rescue.

A breast augmentation surgeon can do wonders with implants. There are two types that are commonly used. One is saline, and the other is silicone. If you increase your size by a cup size or two, then you will definitely fill out your clothing. For women who have never experienced this, it can have a profound impact. They find themselves happily shoppin g for new outfits that will accommodate their new figure. For some women, this alone makes the procedure worthwhile. Whatever their original motivation may have been, they find that the way they look in stylish clothes is a wonderful bonus.

Some women who are a bit overweight might have a tummy tuck or a liposuction procedure, or perhaps both, in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery in Houston. Women who have children often have multiple procedures to get their pre-baby figure back. This allows the surgeon to essentially recreate or make over your entire figure. They can often provide you with the classic hourglass figure. One of the benefits to having multiple cosmetic procedures is that they are done at one time, under one anesthetic, thereby minimizing the possibility of risks. Of course, the operation lasts longer, and your recovery time may be extended.

Advancements have been made in the breast augmentation procedure to the point that scarring is minimal, the length of the surgery has been reduced, and recuperation is shorter. A plastic surgeon can go through the areola and nipple, under the breast at the crease, or through the armpits for implant placement. The size of the implants is a matter of personal choice, but you should let your surgeon guide you in this area. The placement will be what the doctor recommends and what he or she normally does. The type of implant will depend largely on what the surgeon usually uses, but most surgeons have experience with both, and in all likelihood it will be your preference.

As with any plastic surgery, you have to meet certain criteria to be a good candidate. Some general requirements are that you are in good health, free from any major medical issues such as, heart disease, diabetes, or circulation issues. You also need to have realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery. When you initially consult with a plastic surgeon, be open minded about listening to their recommendations. They will want to accommodate you, but an ethical Houston breast augmentation surgeon will make recommendations that are in your best interests.

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