Breast Augmentation – Some Questions To Ask

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Are you a woman who is considering having a breast augmentation procedure? Well if you are, and you are at the beginning or preparation stage, there are some things that you should know, and some things that you should ask your surgeon. We have compiled a list of questions, answers, and a few tips to make it easier for you to understand the surgery and recovery period. This augmentation procedure is an excellent way for you to enhance your figure and boost your self-esteem. When you visit the prospective surgeon, he or she will have a lot of questions about your health, medical history, and emotional well-being. They will not have a problem with answering any questions that you may have. In fact, they will welcome your questions because good surgeons prefer to have well informed patients. This way they know that you are equipped to make the best decision about your cosmetic procedure.

When you are looking for your breast augmentation surgeon, it is advisable to find a plastic surgeon that has board certification and experience with the augmentation procedure. This will ensure that your surgery will yield the best possible results. What follows is several questions and answers that provide a broad overview of the procedure.

What type of implants do you recommend?

There are two types of implants that are in common use. One is saline, and the other is silicone. They are both widely used, however, a lot of women report that the silicone has a more natural feel. At one time, silicone implants were banned because of leakage issues; however, newer technology has seen the design of silicone implants that are safe to use. They have been FDA approved, and there is little worry associated with them.

What is the procedure like?

The procedure requires an anesthetic and is considered a major surgery. Incisions can be made around the nipple, below the breasts, or under the arms. It depends on what type your surgeon prefers, and where the implants are to be placed. Sometimes an overnight stay is required in the hospital, and sometimes you can go home the same day. To read more about breast augmentation surgery, click here.

How many breast augmentation procedures do you perform annually?

There is no magic number that means a surgeon is capable. However, surgery is like anything else, the more you do it, the more proficient you are. If your surgeon performs a significant number of procedures each year, then it is likely they have enough experience.

What is recovery like?

Your surgeon will go over the recovery process with you. It is critical that you follow his or her post-operative guidelines. This will make certain that your recovery goes smoothly, as quickly as possible, and successfully. You will experience some swelling and bruising. This will diminish with time. Any discomfort or pain can be managed with prescription medication.

Breast augmentation surgery in Houston and elsewhere is a very popular form of cosmetic surgery. The majority of women report that they are very happy with the results. As long as you have a realistic expectation you will be happy too. Remember, that your surgeon will not mind answering your questions. This article is an attempt to provide you with a start. It is by no means comprehensive, and we encourage you to think of any questions you can on your own. There truly are no wrong questions.

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