Breast Augmentation: Size Does Matter

  Posted on July 3, 2013   Last updated on November 25, 2016 |   

When it comes to cosmetic breast augmentation, one question that seems to be on the mind of so many Houston women is size. Often, women who are not happy with the way their breasts look aren’t sure about exactly what size they want. They just know they want something larger or different than they already have. Ultimately, you will have to reach a decision about the ideal size for your body. At one of your consolations the surgeon, or one of the nursing staff, will help you in determining the size you want. Other factors are involved as well, such as fullness, shape, if your breasts sag, if you have had children, or plan to have children.

If you have reached the decision to have breast augmentation in Houston, then the logical progression is to decide on dimension. Your cosmetic surgeon should be able to provide a series of before and after photos of the procedures that he or she has performed. This can give you an idea of the end results, and also a good look at the surgeon’s skill. Personal preference plays a large role in the final decision, but input from the doctor and nursing personnel should be given some regard. It may be that your frame is diminutive. Extraordinarily large breasts might look out of place and unusual on your body.

Available options

If you desire a rather natural look from your breast augmentation procedure, then increasing cup size one or two sizes up will probably be what you want. Much depends on their current size. You may be looking for a radical change, which is certainly an option. It will truly depend on the individual, and how much attention they wish to receive with their new body type. The procedure is the same whether you opt for smaller implants or if you prefer larger ones.

The surgery requires a general anesthetic. The incision placement depends on the type of implant that you choose. Your surgeon will endeavor to make the scar as unnoticeable as possible. You will need someone to drive you home after the procedure. It is important that you have someone with you for the first few days to see to your needs. There will be soreness and fatigue after the surgery. These symptoms usually disappear within the first week. Pain medication can be used to help control any discomfort. You will have a timeline for getting back to your normal activities.  Read more.

Whether you want to increase a size or two, or implement a dramatic volume increase, your Houston breast augmentation surgery should be performed by a qualified board certified surgeon. The decision to have augmentation is extremely personal it should be your choice and your choice alone. You should not feel pressured to have the enhancement to please anyone other than you. Size ultimately doesn’t matter as much as your own satisfaction with the outcome.

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