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A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a popular cosmetic procedure performed on women to reshape their breasts to a more youthful and perkier appearance. Many women opt for this surgical procedure to help restore drooping or sagging breasts, resulting from stretching of the skin and loss of volume due to natural aging or after pregnancy or weight loss.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Patrick Hsu, Dr. Kendall Roehl, Dr. Shayan Izaddoost, and Dr. Vasileios Vasilakis* are among the top leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Texas, known to consistently yield beautiful breast lift results to patients in and around the greater Houston and Clear Lake area, including Sugar Land, Katy, Webster, Pearland, and other surrounding cities.

Breast Lift Techniques

There are several techniques that can be used in a breast lift, depending on the degree of lift needed and whether or not a breast augmentation or breast reduction is combined with this procedure. Your surgeon will determine which technique is best for you during your consultation.

The techniques include:

Crescent Breast Lift

The crescent lift is the least invasive technique and only performed when a minimal lift is required. An incision is made on the upper half of the areola to remove excess tissue and sutured together to reposition the nipple and areola.

Periareolar Breast Lift

This technique, also known as a “Donut Lift” or “Benelli Lift”, is for women with minimal to moderate breast drooping and/or large areolas. The incision is made around the entire areola to remove excess skin to improve the overall areola position.

Vertical Breast Lift

The vertical breast lift, or lollipop breast lift, is a technique used for moderate to severe breast drooping. Incisions are made around the areola and downwards toward the breast fold, resulting in a keyhole or lollipop-shaped scar.

Anchor Breast Lift

The anchor breast lift, also commonly known as an “Inverted T-lift”, is the most extensive technique used to achieve the highest degree of lift for extreme breast sagging. The incisions are similar to a vertical lift, in addition to an incision along the breast crease.

How is Breast Lift Performed?

During the procedure, excess breast tissue is removed and the nipples and areola are lifted to a higher position to reshape the entire breast. The entire procedure will take approximately 2 hours on average to complete but will require more time if either a breast augmentation or reduction is combined.

Breast Lift Cost in Houston

On average, a breast lift in Houston ranges between $8,900 – $12,500. The total price will vary depending on your surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, and operating room fees, as well as if breast augmentation or reduction is combined with your procedure.

Since breast lift considered a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by health insurance. Memorial Plastic Surgery offers many financing options and accepts all personal checks, major credit cards, as well as the cryptocurrency.

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Recovery and Results

Mastopexy is an outpatient procedure. Patients can expect to be discharged home the same day after surgery. Below is what you can expect during your recovery.

Physical discomfort (swelling, soreness & bruising)2 – 4 weeks
Suture/Steri-strip Removal1 – 2 weeks
Wearing a supportive bra3 – 4 weeks
Decreased/Increased nipple sensitivity6 – 12 months
Scar maturity/lightening of scars1 – 2 years
 ShoweringAfter 2 days
Resuming Work/Daily Activities1 – 2 weeks
Heavy exercises and other strenuous activities4 – 6 weeks

The overall recovery time for a breast lift will vary for each patient and may take longer if you underwent augmentation or reduction at the same time.

Final results are typically seen at 6 months. Patients can expect long term, lasting results from a mastopexy by maintaining a stable and healthy weight. With natural aging and after weight loss or pregnancy, however, the skin will naturally become less elastic and a secondary procedure may be recommended to restore results.

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Breast Lift Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I wait until after pregnancy to get a breast lift?
    We recommend waiting until after pregnancy to have a breast lift due to the physical changes and weight fluctuations that may occur if you desire the best results without undergoing a secondary procedure.
  2. Can I opt to have a fat transfer to my breasts with my breast lift, instead of using breast implants?
    Yes, this is possible if you have enough donor fat on your body. Liposuction can be performed to harvest your fat and then processed to transfer to your breasts. If a large amount of augmentation is needed to improve your shape and/or symmetry, however, breast implants are typically recommended to achieve the result.
  3. Will a breast lift affect my ability to breastfeed?
    It should not affect breastfeeding, but it cannot be guaranteed. Please discuss any concerns you may have with your surgeon during your consultation.
  4. Can I have another procedure performed at the same time as having a breast lift?
    Yes, we commonly perform other surgical procedures in conjunction with a breast lift, including liposuction and tummy tuck.

*The content and images on this page are provided with the sole intention of educating potential patients on the procedure discussed above. Results vary per individual and are dependent on our doctor’s consultation prior to the procedure. We strongly recommend undergoing a formal consultation with a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon prior to scheduling and undergoing any surgical or non-surgical treatment.