Breast Reduction Houston

Women with overly large breasts often experience serious back pain, among other discomforts associated with too much weight centered on the upper body. Breast reduction surgery removes the excess skin, tissue, and fat, greatly relieving these symptoms while also making the breasts smaller and firmer. This procedure is one of the most satisfactory surgeries we perform, with patients seeing a dramatic change in their appearance and a greatly improved quality of life.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Breast Reduction?

Many women feel their breasts are too large for their frame, that their breasts are out of proportion to their body, or they may feel embarrassed about their large breast size. These patients will often complain of neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain as well. The breasts are also commonly asymmetrical with one being larger than the other and with a low positioned nipple and very large areolas.

Good candidates for a breast reduction include women who are healthy, in good physical shape, and as close as possible to their ideal body weight (or a stable weight following major weight loss). Many breast reduction candidates are overweight. Loosing some weight will help you achieve a better cosmetic outcome, lower your complication risks and also improve your overall lifestyle. Dr. Hsu recommends all of their patients to try to get as close to their ideal body weight as possible.

Women seeking reduction mammaplasty have typical Signs and Symptoms of Hypermastia:

  • Breast pain
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Shoulder grooving from bra straps
  • Rashes beneath the breasts (“intertrigo”)
  • Poor posture
  • Difficulty doing sports or physical activities
  • Self-consciousness about breast size
  • Difficulty fitting into clothing
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Before my procedure I had chronic back pains. After the procedure I wasn't in any pain at all, no chest pain and back pain. I'm so happy with everything. My body finally looks proportional and I can
I am really happy with the end results. I've struggled with the burden of large breasts for a while. It caused my back pain, and after the procedure its like a weight has been lifted and I feel so
I am very happy with my results after the procedure. Dr. Hsu was very informative and pleasant with explaining the guidelines of the procedure, and the results that I wanted. His staff is even better
I'm so glad I was referred to Dr. Hsu. He exceeded expectations. Dr. Hsu's staff was amazing as well. Post surgery - my incisions healed well. Everything looks proportioned and natural. Satisfied with
Dr. Hsu was amazing. From initial visit he made me feel comfortable and assured me I would be pleased. I definitely was and also referred others. My incisions healed smoothly. No blotched job. I'm so
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What Are The Different Methods of Breast Reduction?

There are many different types of breast reductions depending upon the comfort level of the surgeon and how large the breasts are. Dr. Hsu does not use the same breast reduction methods for each patient and will tailor a specific breast reduction technique which he feels is best for you. He will often utilize liposuction techniques and vertical scar reductions to reduce the amount of scarring associated with more traditional Wise pattern reductions. Dr. Hsu does utilize traditional Wise pattern reductions for larger breasted patients where there is just too much skin to resect in order to make the breasts look good. Ask Dr. Hsu what technique he feels is best for you when you meet with them.

Will a Breast Reduction Interfere with Breast Function?

Because a breast reduction involves the removal of breast tissues, nerves and milk ducts will be cut. Patients will have a better cosmetically looking breast with the elimination of back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain at the expense of some minor risks. Breast reduction patients can expect loss of sensation in their nipples that will usually take months to sometimes years to recover. Total normal recovery of sensation is rare and total loss of sensation is very rare as well. Almost all patients will report a significant return of sensation a year or two after surgery. Breast feeding is also possible however every patient must be willing to accept the possibility of not being able to breast feed. Breast feeding is often possible in breast reduction patients and many times, the baby can be supplemented with formula.

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Breast reduction surgery can with be covered under insurance or elective cash pay. Much of this depends upon your insurance carriers, the size of your breasts and what associated symptoms you are experiencing (pain, discomfort). Insurance carriers these days require multiple physicians documenting specific symptoms as well as a minimum amount of breast tissue to be resected. Dr. Hsu and his staff will let you know whether or not you’re a good candidate to proceed with insurance authorization and assist you in doing so if you are.

The Breast Reduction Procedure

At least two, sometimes three incisions are needed to begin the procedure: one around the areola, one running vertically from the bottom of the areola to the crease, and the last following the natural crease under the breast. Then removes excess fat, tissue, and skin from the underside of the breast, repositioning the areola and nipple during the process. Once the desired shape and volume are achieved, the surgeon will remove the excess skin. Some women may also wish to have a liposuction treatment done on the underarms to improve the overall shape of the torso.

Every effort will be made to maintain the ability to breastfeed by keeping the nipple and areola attached to the underlying tissue structure, though this cannot be guaranteed.

After the Breast Reduction Procedure

After surgery, it is common to feel a lessening of sensation in the nipple and surrounding areola. This lack is temporary, though it may take months for normal feeling to return. Over time, your breasts will soften and look more natural.

One of the most important things to realize about this surgery is that scars will remain visible indefinitely. Though they will fade over time, and can be hidden with clothing, they will always remain. Most women feel the benefits of the surgery outweigh the risks of scarring and experience an immense level of satisfaction with the procedure.

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