Celebrity Breast Enhancement – Are They Real or Not?

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Houston women, like women everywhere, are not created equal. Especially when it comes to being blessed by Mother Nature in terms of breast size. Some are gifted with a breast size that is quite large while others have diminutive breasts. If they so desire, they can make changes with breast enhancement surgery in Houston. The same is true of celebrities. There is nothing keeping a celebrity who is at the top of her game from enjoying breast enhancement surgery and the results. Some celebrities have surprised the general public when it comes to their new chest size. Some have gone from tiny bosoms to eye-popping, bra bursting, massive enlargements. Some celebrities have owned up to having surgical procedures, and others have kept it to themselves. Either way, rumors abound.

True or false, real or fake, we have put together a selection of celebrities and their outwardly transformed breasts. They run from nice and subtle to “what were they thinking?” The list is in no particular order.

Taylor Swift – Taylor has caused a bit of a stir after she has appeared on a few red carpets in very sexy fashions, showing off what look to be larger breasts. She hasn’t commented yet on whether they are real or not. Perhaps we’ll hear about it in song.

Taylor Swift breast augmentation surgery

Miley Cyrus – Miley has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors a number of times in recent years. Some of her recent videos, where she appears all but naked reveal a rather new look.

Miley Cyrus breast augmentation surgery

Megan Fox – Megan has had more than just breast enhancement surgery. She has been under the knife on more than one occasion. One only has to look at before-and-after pictures to see that her face has changed. But so have her breasts. For the better? That’s a matter of opinion.

Megan Fox breast augmentation surgery

Katy Perry – Katy Perry has a very attractive and large pair of breasts. She has always denied having any plastic surgery, but all you need to do is look at before and after pictures to tell that she has definitely had breast augmentation. Whether you admit it or not Katie we think you look wonderful.

Katy Perry breast augmentation surgery

Jennifer Lawrence – here is a girl that is not shy about showing off her lovely figure in public. She’s been all over the awards shows in beautiful designer apparel. And while her breasts may look larger, they actually look quite real. If they are fake hats off to her plastic surgeon.

Jennifer Lawrence breast augmentation surgery

Scarlett Johansson – you can’t read an article about Scarlett without some mention of her decidedly lovely breasts. She denies that she’s had surgery, but speculation has been that she has. Photos of her younger self don’t show off her assets like they do in recent pictures. She’s not talking about it, but everybody else seems to be.

Scarlett Johansson breast augmentation surgery

Kate Hudson – at the beginning of Kate’s career she had a tiny bust line, which never seemed to bother her. However, she gave herself a birthday present of new breasts on her 31st birthday. They are a subtle increase, and quite delightful.

Kate Hudson breast augmentation surgery

The general public has a fascination with celebrities and their breasts. We are a culture that focuses our attention on youth and beauty, and we enjoy our celebrities looking hot. At the same time, we also enjoy the banter about whether they have had plastic surgery or if their breasts are real. In the end, it doesn’t really matter, as long as they are happy. And we will be happy looking and wondering.

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