Facelift – Proper Steps To Take Before And After

  Posted on January 8, 2014   Last updated on December 8, 2017 |   

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If you are a Houstonian who has decided to have a facelift procedure, there are some things that you should do before and after the surgery to ensure a smooth recovery and the results you want. There are certain steps you can take to get ready for the procedure, and to have the necessary time and help for recuperation.

Before the day of surgery arrives you will have consulted with a facelift surgeon in Houston. The first consultation is typically free, and there will be several appointments thereafter. You will undergo some diagnostic testing to determine your overall health and to make sure that you are physically able to have the procedure. You need to let your surgeon know about any medications that you are taking, prescription or otherwise, and if you have any allergies that might affect the procedure or the recovery time. Your surgeon will want a full medical history provided, as well.

You will be provided with instructions about what to do before the surgery. Follow them closely to avoid any possible complications or risks. If you are a smoker, you need to quit smoking for at least two weeks before the surgery. Smoking can have a negative effect on the healing process.

Your home will need to be prepared for the recovery. Put essential items within reach of the bed. It is a good idea to buy medical supplies ahead of time and to have food prepared and stored for ease of preparation. Arrange to have someone take care of you during the first couple days after the procedure. And you should have someone on standby to run errands.

After the facelift, you’ll experience some pain, swelling and bruising. The pain can be managed with prescription medication. The bruising and swelling will go away on time, usually within a week or two. The swelling can be reduced with cold compresses but no longer than about 20 minutes every hour. Do not put ice directly on the wound. Plan to sleep in an elevated position to help reduce the swelling.

Pay careful attention to the incisions to avoid infection. When the stitches are removed, apply topical cream to lessen the scars. When you wash your face, avoid scrubbing hard. Treat your skin very gently. Your surgeon will provide you with postoperative guidelines. These will ensure a recovery without complications. Recovery time is different for everybody, but if you follow the tips listed above and your surgeon’s guidelines, your healing will go quicker, and your results will be more than satisfactory. For more information about the facelift procedure, click here.

The facelift procedure is very popular in United States. As people age they want to maintain a youthful looking appearance, especially since exercise and proper nutrition can keep us in good shape. We like to look as young as we feel. With proper care, you should be able to enjoy the results of your facelift surgery in Houston for many, many years to come.

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