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Four Different Butt Shapes

Last Updated: August 2, 2017 | Author: MPS Group


Let’s face it: who doesn’t love a nice butt? For millions of people all over the world, there is nothing better than a nice, firm, and perfectly curved backside. It is a defining feature of the body that plays a pivotal role in determining the shape and size of a person.


Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of women who began to seek ways to improve the shape and size of the buttocks. The trend follows the popularity of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Rhianna, and Scarlett Johansson; talented names who’ve attracted attention to their shapely bottoms.
One procedure that has followed along this trend is the Brazilian Butt Lift. Unlike Butt Implants, the Brazilian Butt Lift utilizes one’s own fat in order to improve the definition and shape of their buttocks.


With so many options in shapes, it’s natural to yearn for a fuller and plumper backside. So with that, let’s take a look at the four different butt shapes and which size closely resembles your own.


Four different butt shapes by Memorial Plastic Surgery.

4 Different Butt Shapes

Square (H-Shaped)

While some women tend to yearn for a rounder booty, there’s a lot to love about a square butt. The shape is the result of fat distribution in the lower mid-section (love handles) and a higher hip bone that runs in perfect alignment to the outer thighs.
Celebrity Butts: Miley Cyrus, Gwyneth Paltrow, Krysten Ritter


Heart (A-Shaped)

Without a doubt, the heart-shaped bottom is often the most desired shape for many women. And it’s easy to see why: A tapered waistline combined with fat distributed in the butt and thighs provide natural volume and a round shape. Visually, it is incredibly appealing and can make any piece of clothing look great!

Celebrity Butts: Rhianna, Scarlett Johansson, Shakira


Round (O-Shaped)

Also known lovingly as a ‘bubble butt’, this shape is regarded for its curve; the result of fat distribution around the cheeks of the buttocks, allowing the section to take a naturally round shape.

Celebrity Butts: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj


Inverted (V-Shaped)

The ‘supermodel’ butt is highly regarded for its sharp, angular shape, making it perfect for the runway! This shape is defined by a smaller waist, as the volume and shape come right from the hips.
Celebrity Butts: Cindy Crawford, Kate Beckinsale, Megan Fox


So, there you have it: the four different butt shapes!
Now, it is important to remember that regardless of what you have, all butt shapes are beautiful. Each shape holds its own unique quality that defines the body in a very powerful way. Be proud of your assets!


But if you are interested in obtaining a firmer, shapelier butt, an active lifestyle, balanced by a healthy diet and regular exercise can do wonders. And in instances when exercise and diet is not enough, there is always the option to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to learn more about your surgical and non-surgical options.

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