Houston: One of the Preferred Plastic Surgery Destinations in the USA

The world of healthcare is constantly reinventing itself to greater heights and this is particularly true in a city like Houston Each and every year, as the technology around healthcare improves, countless patients from every corner of the world come to Houston in order to seek world-class care... | Read More

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The world of healthcare is constantly reinventing itself to greater heights and this is particularly true in a city like Houston. Each and every year, as the technology around healthcare improves, countless patients from every corner of the world come to Houston in order to seek world-class care.

According to the data provided by the Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development, the United States has remained to be the preferred destination for healthcare since 2013. The country spends approximately $9,806 per person on healthcare. As a result, America obtained 17.1% Gross Domestic Product (GDP), six points higher than France (11.6%) and Sweden (11.5%). Due to this, many Americans have also begun to allocate plastic surgery into their annual budgets.

Out of all the specialties offered in Houston, plastic surgery is among the most prominent fields of practice. Whether through surgical or non-surgical means, the technology around this field has developed tremendously in recent years, enabling patients to improve their quality of life.

Plastic Surgery in Houston

In the last two years, Houston has become one of the top cities in the United States that reported a substantial amount of its locals interested in cosmetic surgery. This can be credited to two factors:

  1. Standard of Living
    Houston has a growing number of families with extra income. This has enabled more residents to consider the possibilities of improving their bodies through plastic surgery.
  1. The Weather
    According to patients, the weather in Texas is considered to be one of the most attractive qualities in seeking cosmetic surgery in Houston. The city’s climate is generally warm with the exception of winter, making it constantly conducive for patients seeking to undergo cosmetic surgery in time for the holidays.

While men and women have the same reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery, they go for different kinds of surgical and non-surgical procedures. The level of popularity of each procedure also varies between both genders. According to last year’s data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the popular procedures for both men and women are:

Popular Procedures for Women

Most women who undergo cosmetic treatment are often between the ages of 24 and 45. More often than not, these women are young mothers who wish to restore their bodies from the effects of childbirth and aging.

Surgical Procedures

  1. Breast Augmentation
    Uses silicone or saline implants to enhance the size and shape of the breasts.
  1. Liposuction
    This procedure reshapes parts of the body; mainly the mid-section, arms, and hips by removing excess fat. The final results improve the contour and shape of the body.
  1. Breast Lift
    Women with sagging breasts can undergo breast lift surgery to restore a firmer, perkier, and shapelier breast.
  1. Tummy Tuck
    This surgical procedure restores tone in the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin while restoring the abdomen’s natural firmness.
  1. Eyelid Surgery
    Eyelid surgery enhances the appearance and function of the eyelids, whether on the upper lid, lower lid, or both.

Nonsurgical Procedures

  1. Botulinum Toxin (Botox, Disport, Xeomin)
    This injection is cosmetically used to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines by paralyzing the muscles.
  1. Hyaluronic Acid (Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Voluma, etc.)
    Hyaluronic acid injections can be used to reduce depressions in the skin due to scars, injury, or lines while improving the skin’s overall contour.
  1. Nonsurgical Fat Reduction (CoolSculpting, etc.)
    This is a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat, cooling, or injected medication to reduce and destroy fat cells.
  1. Hair Removal (Laser or Pulse Light)
    To inhibit future hair growth, this non-invasive technique uses concentrated light to penetrate hair follicles.
  1. Chemical Peel
    The chemical peel removes the skin’s damaged outer layer while improving its texture and tone through the use of a chemical solution.

Popular Procedures for Men

Men may face considerable stigmatization for undergoing cosmetic surgery. This is likely to change as more men have begun to open up and embrace their cosmetic needs. For men, the primary reason they opt for cosmetic surgery is to ensure that areas of the body maintain its function. Like women, men strive to preserve a youthful appearance to ensure they can sustain their position in highly competitive careers. Among the common procedures for men are:

Surgical Procedures

  1. Liposuction
    Male liposuction targets the areas that commonly store excess fat, such as the mid-torso.
  1. Eyelid Rejuvenation
    Improves the appearance of the eyelids by removing loose, sagging skin and bags under the eyes.
  1. Tummy Tuck
    The rising number of weight-loss surgeries is on the rise and men are going for the tummy tuck surgery to enhance the tone of their midsection.
  1. Facelift
    A facelift tightens the facial and neck muscles and removes the excess skin on the jawline and neck.
  1. Rhinoplasty
    This procedure focuses on providing a shapelier nose for men without over-feminizing the area.

Nonsurgical Procedures

  1. Botulinum Toxin (Botox, Disport, Xeomin)
    Unlike women, it takes more units for men to see improvements since they have more muscle in their foreheads and brows than women.
  1. Hyaluronic Acid (Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Voluma, etc.)
    Men get these injectable fillers to remove signs of aging. This is caused by work-related purposes to either gain employment or to stay competitive in their field.
  1. Nonsurgical Fat Reduction (CoolSculpting, etc.)
    Men use nonsurgical fat reduction to remove the excess belly fat and “man boobs” by CoolSculpting.
  1. Hair Removal
    Laser hair removals for men are focused on their face and neck, eliminating the need to shave daily. They also have this procedure done on their chests, backs, and arms.
  1. Photorejuvenation (IPL)
    This procedure removes sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and textures. Photorejuvenation can treat acne, rosacea, and irregular pigmentation of the skin.

In 2017, non-surgical procedures have become more available to men, with non-invasive techniques seeing 286,475 (9.9%) patients more than surgical procedures, which only counts for 118,389 (7.7%) patients.

Seeking Cosmetic Surgery in Houston

Houston’s medical community is driven by highly passionate professionals who equally value patient care and surgical innovation. Because of this, the city is frequented by travelers from all over the world who desire state-of-the-art medical care.

Patients seeking to undergo cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Houston should begin by scheduling a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. Dr. Hsu and Dr. Roehl have spent years undergoing intense training to ensure every patient comes home with results that are safe, satisfying, and long-lasting.

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