How to make your belly flat after having a baby?

  Posted on August 7, 2013   Last updated on December 8, 2017 |   

No Houstonian likes a sagging stomach. We all want the ideal tummy, showing off six-pack abs that are the envy of everyone at the beach. If only it was an easy process to eradicate the sag with diet and exercise. Once you are past the age of thirty and lose weight, a droopy tummy is left, and that can be exceedingly frustrating. We work so hard to lose the extra fat only to end up with a poochy stomach and sagging skin. We can get help for this problem in the form of cosmetic surgery, referred to as tummy tuck procedure. This is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the United States. There are literally hundreds of thousand performed every year.

Tummy tuck surgery can also benefit women who have had multiple pregnancies. Pregnancy and childbirth have a dramatic impact on the abdominal area. As we get older, our skin elasticity begins to diminish. When that happens, and you stretch your stomach tissue with pregnancy, you are often left with loose skin that sags and droops past your waistline. This is very unattractive and very hard to eliminate. It makes the idea of going to the pool or the beach abhorrent. We just want to stay home and wrap ourselves in unappealing, loose fitting clothing, in an attempt to hide the reality. There is no better time to consider a tummy tuck.

During the procedure, you are usually sedated to increase relaxation, with either a general anesthetic or with intravenous sedation. The surgical process may take as little two hours and up to five hours, based on the quantity of extra fat, as well as skin to be eliminated. The surgeon will separate the skin from the stomach wall structure, and firm up the abdominals, by drawing them nearer together. As soon as things are in place, he sutures them into the new location. The skin is extended down, and extra skin can then be expunged.

After a tummy tuck procedure in Houston be prepared to be away from work for a minimum of a week while you recuperate. The procedure can be carried out as an outpatient surgery, although some individuals elect to stay overnight in the hospital. Any kind of discomfort can be is managed with prescription medications. You should delay no less than six weeks before resuming any intense physical exertion, such as working out, or lifting heavy objects. Scarring will be present but will fade with time. The outcome of a tummy tuck can easily last from now on, especially if you adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain your weight.

A Houston tummy tuck surgeon can do wonders for your midsection. Make sure that he or she is board certified and has experience performing the procedure, and you will enjoy the results for years to come. You lost the fat tummy, so treat yourself to a flat tummy.

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