Is breast augmentation safe and effective?

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Breast augmentation has become one of the most common and popular surgical procedures in the United States of America. Over time, advances in medical technology and surgical techniques have made this type of surgery safe with successful outcomes. Regardless of the reason why the procedure is performed there are literally hundreds of thousands of women from all walks of life who are pleased with the final results. If you are considering this surgery, but are concerned with possible issues or complications, you can take comfort in the knowledge that this is a time-tested way to enhance or reconstruct your breasts. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (, 330,631 augmentation surgeries were performed in 2012.

Before and after pregnancy
Breast augmentation and pregnancy is of great concern to many women who want to have the procedure. A common question is if the natural changes that occur during pregnancy will affect the implants. The integrity of your implants will not be impacted by pregnancy. However, the tissue may stretch or shrink during pregnancy and those changes could require further surgery. Nevertheless, it is entirely possible that you will not require additional surgery. Another question is whether implants will impact milk production and breast-feeding. The implants will not affect lactation and normal milk production. Implants themselves will not interfere with a safe pregnancy.

Things to consider regarding breast implant surgery
Breast augmentation is safe and effective but there are things to consider before having the surgery. Finding the right plastic surgeon, the type of procedure that is most suited to you, and what you want your breasts to look like post surgery should all factor into your decision. Another thing to consider is recuperation time. It will have an affect on the timing of the surgery in the event that it needs to be scheduled around family or work.

What to expect during recovery
It is important to have a clear understanding of the recuperation stage before the surgery. Soreness and fatigue commonly occur after surgery. These symptoms often disappear during the first week. Your surgeon will prescribe medications to help minimize the pain and tenderness, helping your overall comfort levels. Swelling could last as long as 3 to 6 weeks before it is completely gone. To ensure proper healing, it is essential that you follow your surgeon’s guidelines regarding exercise and the return to normal routines. For more breast augmentation recovery information, click here.

A good surgeon is the key
The breast augmentation surgeon in Houston that you select makes all the difference in the outcome and recovery phase of your surgery. When you find a surgeon who is board certified, provides an abundance of before and after photos showcasing his or her skills, offers personal care, addresses your concerns, and listens to and answers all of your questions, the augmentation surgery will be safe and routine and the results beautiful.

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