Liposuction how much fat is removed

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It seems like there is no greater challenge to Houstonians and Americans in general than maintaining a healthy weight. We struggle with diet and exercise, seemingly endlessly. It is right and proper that we do so. A correct body weight is essential to health and longevity. For the most part a diet and exercise regimen will get us to our ideal weight. However, there are some areas of our bodies that stubbornly resist exercise and diet, typically found around our abdominal area, thighs and buttocks. Try as we might, those areas resist all of our efforts. Fortunately there is a solution in the form of a safe and effective surgical procedure called liposuction.

How it works

Lipo is a common plastic surgery procedure in the Unites States for the removal of those pockets of fat that resist exercise and dieting. Doing away with surplus fat can increase energy and add vigor to your life. It can also help prevent other health issues such as:

• hypertension

• high cholesterol

• obesity

• limited flexibility

On balance it will improve your overall sense of self-worth and confidence. The process entails two types of techniques. Suction-Assisted Lipoplasty is the first technique, and what people generally think of as lipo. The surgery siphons the extra fat cells into a little straw like tube called a cannula. This is a very effective method. The second type is known as Ultrasonic-Assisted Lipoplasty. A cannula tube is used to suction fat in this procedure too, but with the incorporation of ultra sound. The ultra sound vibrates the fat cells allowing them to be easily removed. Click here for more information about the liposuction procedure.

Who can have the procedure?

A good candidate for liposuction will be within range of their normal body weight and in otherwise good health. You need to have realistic expectations about the results of the surgery. If you are a smoker you should quit before the procedure. It is a good idea to quit smoking no matter what for health reasons, but it has been shown that smokers have a decrease in healing ability after any surgery and lipo is no exception. You may be in for a longer recovery than you would if you didn’t smoke.

If you are interested in liposuction in Houston it is suggested that you do extensive research about the procedure so you will have a complete understanding of all it involves, from the surgery through recovery and beyond. It is crucial to find an experienced and qualified Houston plastic surgeon that you can relate to and that you feel confident will provide the best care. Once you have found some potential surgeons, a consultation is the next step. Lipo is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle but there is no reason to continue to fight stubborn body fat when you have the means at your disposal to safely take care of it.

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