Liposuction And Safety

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In Houston Texas and around the country, liposuction has become increasingly popular. More and more people have this procedure every day. The growing number of procedures naturally raises a question about patient safety. Modern cosmetic surgery is specifically geared towards safety in procedures and insuring positive results. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has developed a liposuction advisory to support plastic surgeons.

Safety is on the mind of the individual that is about to undergo any surgical procedure. The liposuction procedure has been researched and refined over the years. There are a number of techniques a surgeon can use for the procedure. For example, they have ultrasound assisted, laser assisted, and other techniques. Since everyone is different, a single procedure might not work for each case. A qualified plastic surgeon will consider all aspects of the patient’s health and determine the appropriate type of procedure for that individual.

Not everyone is it an ideal candidate for the liposuction procedure. That is why the surgeon will perform a thorough analysis and evaluate the patient’s health to determine if surgery is appropriate for them. Not only is physical health a consideration, but emotional well being is, as well. Interestingly enough, the procedure not only improves the physical appearance, but also in a large number of people there is a marked improvement in self-esteem and self-confidence.

One area of concern for patients undergoing surgeries including plastic surgeries is anesthesia. There are various types that can be applied to the liposuction procedure. It depends a great deal on the plastic surgeon’s preference, the health of the patient, and the extent of the procedure. A general anesthetic is usually preferred for a complex procedure. For less extensive surgeries, intravenous sedation can be used and sometimes even local anesthetic. Liposuction can be combined with other procedures, such as a tummy tuck and breast enhancement procedure. This is often part of what is considered a mommy makeover for post pregnant women. The appeal is that you have multiple procedures done, but only one anesthetic administered. This is an effective way to minimize exposure to enter settings.

Liposuction requires essentially an M.D. They must have training in liposuction; however, they do not have to be a surgeon. It is advisable for prospective patients to seek out a plastic surgeon who is board certified. While a large number of physicians can perform the procedure, most patients are more comfortable with an actual surgeon who has experience in the procedure; the board certification ensures that the surgeon has a higher level of training, knowledge, and experience. This makes for a safer procedure, and ultimately positive results.

Natural concern for safety regarding any surgery is completely normal. However, anyone considering lipo can rest easy in the knowledge that the procedure has been refined over the years and that technology has been improved greatly. The knowledge and experience of physicians and surgeons performing the procedure has reached a high-level. Liposuction surgery is remarkably effective, and with a qualified surgeon you will end up with a contoured and shapely figure.

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