Making Breast Implants Surgery Even Safer

  Posted on February 25, 2014   Last updated on December 7, 2017 |   

Dr. Hsu is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Reconstructive Microsurgeon providing stare of the art cosmetic and reconstruction enhancements.

Breast augmentation surgery is achieved through the use of implants. Research and development for safe implants is an ongoing process to the benefit of recipients everywhere.

Breast enhancement surgery has been popular since the late 19th century. A surgeon named Vincenz Czerny performed the earliest breast implant procedure in 1895. There is a long and interesting history behind the procedure. It is common knowledge that implants are primarily made with saline or silicone. Silicone was first used in 1962. There were some complications that arose from early silicone implants due primarily to leakage. Modern silicone implants have been designed to effectively resist leakage problems and are deemed safe to use. Silicone was taken off the market at one time but in recent years has been approved for use again by the FDA. Research and development for safe implants is an ongoing process to the benefit of recipients everywhere.

We consulted with Dr. Patrick Hsu, a well-known plastic and cosmetic surgeon based in Houston Texas, and asked him what efforts have been made or are being made to make implant surgery safer. Dr. Hsu responded by telling us, “that is a good question, and one that is on the mind of the majority of my potential breast augmentation patients. And I can tell you as I tell them, unequivocally the procedure is more safe today than it has ever been.” We asked him to explain why this is so and he told us, “there are numerous factors that make the procedure safe and continually improved. One is, the experience that plastic surgeons gain because of the volume of procedures performed. Another is that medical science is dedicated to the health and well-being of patients. New techniques, tools, and products are made available and subject to stringent testing. These new developments help to streamline the surgery, reduce the possibility of complications, and shorten recovery time.”

Since breast augmentation procedures are as Dr. Hsu points out, quite popular, to the tune of several hundred thousand being performed every year all over the planet, it stands to reason that strides would be made to ensure the safety of the procedure, then for no other reason than to promote the surgery. Statistics show that the majority of women who undergo the surgery are very happy with the results and while issues do arrive they often have more to do with external factors rather than with the implants or the procedure itself. There are numerous studies that show no correlation between implants and disease.

Clearly despite the possibility of some complications, implants are safe. If you are considering having the surgery you would be wise to do some research and find out as much as you can bout the procedure, the implants, and the affects they may have on your body and health. This will help you make an informed decision. With the majority of patients reporting that they are happy with the results, it is evident that the benefits out way the risks.

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