Rhinoplasty By Any Other Name Is Called A Nose Job

  Posted on March 14, 2014   Last updated on December 7, 2017 |   

Houstonians deserve to look and feel their best. As far as looking our best, there is a focal point in the center of our face otherwise known as the nose. The nose can be one of those features that can make or break how you look. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t want to use the word break in the same sentence as the word nose, however, one of the fixes for a broken nose is the very subject of this article, and that is the plastic surgery procedure known as rhinoplasty, or better known by its lay term “nose job”. Broken or not people deserve to be happy with their noses, and if your nose is making you uncomfortable because of it’s size or shape then you have the right to do something about it. About the only thing you can do is contact a Houston rhinoplasty surgeon and see if the procedure is right for you. nose jobSince the nose is such a central feature of your face, for some the thought of changing it may be a bit daunting. After all, the nose has an impact on how you look and if something went wrong with the procedure it could be significantly traumatic. That is why when you are considering a rhinoplasty surgeon in Houston you need to spend some time researching the best plastic surgeons. A highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon will obviously minimize the possibilities of something going wrong. We have all heard the horror stories surrounding botched nose jobs and the image of Michael Jackson comes to mind, and is no consolation. Fortunately, it is very rare for there to be problems.   The procedure itself is surprisingly easy to go through, and despite common myths, quite painless. The recovery is relatively quick and due to advances in surgical procedures there is minimal swelling and bruising which will usually diminish inside a week. If there is any pain and discomfort it can be managed with prescription medication. As long as you follow your surgeons guidelines for recovery there should be no issues, and you will be enjoying your new nose and thereby your new look before you know it.   Rhinoplasty in Hollywood is very popular. The number of celebrities who have had their noses worked on is quite surprising. It could almost be considered an epidemic or a prerequisite. So many of them seem to have more than one procedure. This is due in large part to the fact that about 10% of all the procedures require some additional work. These procedures are like anything else; they are only as good as the surgeons performing them. That is why we repeatedly stress the importance of finding a plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience performing the procedure.   Rhinoplasty surgery in Houston may not be as publicized as it is in Hollywood, but it is certainly a popular procedure. Many people are using the surgery to improve their looks. This results in an improvement in self-esteem, as well. If you would like to make a change such as this, then you should contact a plastic surgeon and at least discuss it. Perhaps after a conversation with a surgeon you may want to move forward. It is a personal choice, and only the nose knows.

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