Smooth The Edges With Liposuction Surgery

  Posted on November 18, 2013   Last updated on December 8, 2017 |   

Fall has come to Houston, and the weather is changing. Houstonians appreciate the cooler temperatures because the heat of August is still fresh in our memories. Nothing makes you appreciate the fall like a Houston summer. Since the weather is changing, so will the clothing type. Are you discovering that your cooler weather wardrobe is a bit tight around the tummy? Are your jeans gripping your thighs more tightly than you remember? Has unwanted fat gathered in places that make your figure less hourglass and more muffin top, despite your efforts at dieting and exercise? Perhaps it is time to consider some outside help. The plastic surgery that can get you comfortably into your clothes, and smooth out that muffin top is called liposuction.


An intravenous sedative or a general anesthetic is employed for the liposuction procedure. Your plastic surgeon creates compact incisions at specific locations on your body where the accumulated fat resides, and then employs a thin metal tube called a cannula to remove the extra fat, which is suctioned away. This explains the name liposuction. Using this method, your surgeon will shape and contour your new figure. The process will likely cause bruising and some swelling. The inflammation will usually decrease in about a week’s time, and the bruising will disappear within approximately 3 weeks. It is possible to return to work in a matter of days. For more information about the liposuction procedure, click here.

An ideal prospect for liposuction in Houston is an individual who is close to their normal weight. The surgery is not intended to get rid of a substantial amount of fat. It is a means to sculpt and contour your physique. A good candidate should be in sound general health. If you smoke cigarettes, you are going to be expected to quit for no less than two weeks before the surgical procedure. It is crucial that you are prepared to keep up a healthy way of life, featuring exercise and calorie restriction so that you can sustain the outcome of the surgery. A central element of the procedure is having reasonable expectations regarding the objective of the surgical procedure. Your surgeon will go over the operation in detail, covering the benefits, and risks connected to the surgery. Make sure you ask questions, and share any concerns. A good surgeon will listen and appreciate your desire to be informed.

There are a large number of physicians that perform liposuction surgery who have no formal training. To ensure that your procedure is as safe and effective as possible, you should only consider a board certified Houston liposuction surgeon who specializes in the procedure, and has a significant amount of experience performing the surgery. It is a safe surgery, but like any surgery, it has an element of risk. A highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon minimizes those risks. He or she can use lipo to contour and smooth your body into a shapely figure that will slide right into your fall clothes.

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