There Is No Need To Be Afraid Of Plastic Surgeons

  Posted on February 28, 2014   Last updated on December 7, 2017 |   

Houston residents are like anyone else when it comes to plastic surgery in Houston, or any surgery. We have normal trepidations and fears. No one likes the idea of going under anesthesia and having surgeons and nurses hovering over us making incisions and suturing wounds. Despite the fact that surgery, especially plastic surgery has the promise of an outcome that we will be happy with and that will improve our lives. We tend to think twice, thrice, and even four times before we move forward. This is healthy and we should. However, our fears tend to be groundless.

There are a number of uncertainties and reservations about cosmetic procedures in Houston, and in this article we will attempt to throw light on them, and hopefully set your mind at ease about plastic surgery and plastic surgeons in general.

1. Botox® makes your face look frozen

If too much Botox® is used it can create a loss of facial function. Experienced and talented Plastic surgeons in Houston can use Botox® to achieve excellent results with no unfortunate side effects. That is one reason why it is essential to find a highly qualified plastic surgeon.

2. Plastic surgery is only for wealthy celebrities

Over the years, costs have been reduced on plastic surgery procedures. It has become a very accessible form of elective surgery. Many surgeons offer some type of installment plan to make it easier to afford the surgery.

3. Facelifts are always apparent

That is one of the prominent misunderstandings about cosmetic surgery. People think that a facelift will leave your face drawn and stretched looking and that everyone will know you had the procedure. This is a result of the media exploiting facelifts that have been botched which happens rarely. Again, in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon, your facelift will appear quite natural, and unnoticeable.

4. A physician must be a surgeon to perform plastic surgery

Unfortunately, the only requirement for providing cosmetic procedures is an MD and a license to practice medicine. The way to ensure that your results are satisfactory and that the surgery is safe is to engage a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in the procedure that you want to have.

5. People who have plastic surgery are vain

It is true that vanity is a motivation for some people who elect to have plastic surgery. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. However, plastic surgery also corrects defects and issues that cause people humiliation. It is also used for reconstructive purposes after surgeries and accidents.

Regardless of what you have read or heard about plastic surgery, in the proper hands it is safe and effective. If you have worries or fears but would like to explore your options for a procedure, talk to a credible Houston plastic surgeon to find out what your options are. They typically offer an initial consultation free of charge and will gladly address your concerns and answer your questions. There is nothing like a little knowledge to allay your fears.

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