Tips to Speed Up Post-op Recovery

  Posted on July 8, 2013   Last updated on October 30, 2014 |   

Scarring will always occur after any invasive procedure. Always. What you can do, however, is to hasten the healing process and this can be done in several ways.

General Health and Fitness

Overall, health and fitness will play a role because it is the basic gauge of how well a body recovers, functions, etc.
Always remember that fitness and health does not necessarily mean the most glamorous of figures. What fitness and health mean is that the chemicals, nutrients, vitamins and other things inside the body are in perfect amounts and not lacking.
What does this have to do with scar healing? Just as I mentioned above, the body will function better, heal better, if it’s in good condition. Our bodies must be conditioned to a point that it is like a well-oiled machine – no glitches, no rusts, nothing. Eventually, wounds (such as scars) will heal better. In fact, since health is such an integral part of recovering, the body, some individuals use the post-surgery regimen to start and maintain a healthier lifestyle .

No Smoking

Smoking contains known substances that can hinder healing. Doctors will usually ask about your habits and, should you admit to drinking or smoking, you will be asked to stop for at least 3 or 4 weeks (click here to read more).

The nicotine in every cigarette makes the heart rate to increase, therefore requiring the lungs to double production of oxygen. But, we all know the destructive effects cigarettes can cause: the lungs contain sacs that could be destroyed when smoking and therefore will lessen production of oxygen. When this happens, the much-needed oxygen that the blood should circulate does ceases to be efficient therefore making the body weaker in general.

Proper Diet
Limiting food that are high in fat, sugar and salt is generally a good start. This means that the quality control in food is very important. How do you do that? Be really meticulous about what goes in your mouth, follow the three main food groups and follow the food pyramid while you’re at it.
I touched base on general health awhile ago and how it actually is the balance of the nutrients and other things in your body. Really controlling what you eat is a good start for that.

Pick a Good Doctor
Again, really be meticulous about this. Before this section, I’ve been talking about health. While this factor is not about health, it is still very important. Choose someone who is board certified, someone who is generally recommended by your friends who have undergone procedures.

The surgeon operating on you is the most important to do a background check on. Why? Because it is in his hands how your body will turn out. If he makes one mistake and makes an incision on the wrong part, there’s nothing that can be done to make the wound go away. Again, scarring will occur every time an invasive procedure is done. Don’t make the same mistake as the others who have had botched operations.

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