Top 10 Best Celebrity Breast Augmentations

  Posted on January 14, 2014   Last updated on December 8, 2017 |   

Many beautiful celebrities have elected to have breast augmentation surgery. Most the time the procedures are successful. Frankly, success doesn’t necessarily mean unnoticeable. If a celebrity chooses to go large-size, even if we couldn’t tell, some magazine would find before-and-after pictures to expose them, no pun intended. So sometimes, a successful breast job is simply one that isn’t regarded as being awful. We present to you what is in our opinion some of the top 10 best celebrity breast enhancements. No list is comprehensive, and our list is based on our opinion so your mileage may vary.

1. Nicole Ritchie – for the longest time she was tiny in the chest. Not anymore, she has had an excellent procedure.

Nicole Ritchie plastic surgery

2. Christina Aguilera – this girl had a nice natural figure at one time. Today she has amazing breasts.

Christina Aguilar plastic surgery

3. Halle Berry – this woman’s career has grown along with her lovely breasts.

Halle Berry plastic surgery

4. Leanne Rimes – she went from fairly flat to all that, and more.

Leanne Rimes plastic surgery

5. Nicole Kidman – this Aussie hottie clearly has before-and-after breasts. They look fabulous today.

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery

6. Britney Spears – if you look at her before pictures and then her after pictures, she has gotten huge. But the job looks fantastic. Kudos to her surgeon for getting it right.

Britney Spears plastic surgery

7. Selma Hayek – what can we say? Just amazing.

Selma Hayek plastic surgery

8. Dolly Parton – some people think her breast size is excessive. However, they certainly match her giant personality.

Dolly Parton plastic surgery

9. Jenny McCarthy – Jenny’s wonderful breast enhancement is on display between the covers of Playboy magazine. She looks amazing, and so do her breasts. She has since noted in public that she regrets having breast enhancement surgery at such a young age.

Jenny McCarthy plastic surgery

10. Taylor Swift – this country music sensation has an easy-going style about her. Recently, she has shown off some very decided curves. Did she have breast augmentation? We can guess.

Taylor Swift plastic surgery

At this point, we feel like we must mention an almost reverse of the breast augmentation procedure. That is Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a double mastectomy because she runs a great risk for breast cancer. Here is a celebrity who is renowned for her beauty and her body. To be so secure and so firm in your resolve that you take such a profoundly difficult step is in our opinion to be tremendously admired.

Most of us have at least a small interest in the comings and goings of celebrities. We seem to have a fascination with whether or not they use cosmetic surgery to enhance their breasts and looks in general. In the end, our opinion doesn’t matter. For most people, the decision is a personal one. For celebrities, the decision to have breast enhancement often has more to do with career than cosmetics. They work in an industry that thrives on youthful sex appeal. So, many women celebrities feel as if enhancement surgery is a necessary part of being able to compete for television and movie rolls.

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