Top 5 Questions Plastic Surgeon Wish You’d Ask

  Posted on September 2, 2015   Last updated on December 7, 2017 |   

Some patients, especially those who are on their first consultation, can occasionally be intimidated in the presence of their plastic surgeon. While understandable, it undermines the purpose of such sessions which is to open the line of communication between patient and physician.

In the absence of hesitation, doctors would be able to address the perceived information imbalance by giving patients ample time and opportunity to ask their own questions and, together, address pending concerns. Among the numerous inquiries doctors are plied with, the 5 listed in the infographic below emerge as favorites. They have been dubbed as such not because they are trivial, but because they are great indicators of how the relationship between doctor and patient will go. (See also, tips on choosing the right plastic surgeon.)

Top 5 Questions Plastic Surgeon Wish You’d Ask - Infographic - Memorial Plastic Surgery

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