What Goes Into a Mommy Makeover?

  Posted on August 14, 2013   Last updated on October 30, 2014 |   

Although being a mother is a rewarding experience all its own, it’s not bad to think about yourself once in awhile and admit that the body you had before pregnancy is something you want to regain. That’s why plastic surgeons created the Mommy Makeover.

Simply, the Mommy Makeover surgery is used to restore a woman’s body to the time before she gave birth. In a way, it tries to act like a time machine.For mothers out there, you all know that pregnancy stretches the skin, creates stretch marks, the boobs sag after breastfeeding. Post pregnancy really decreases the way a woman sees herself and can really dampen the confidence of a person. For this, the doctors have invented the Mommy Makeover that includes several procedures: liposuction, breast augmentation and tummy tuck.

All of these procedures are aimed at one thing: lessen sagging skin. One of the effects of pregnancy is that the woman’s body is filled out. The body starts producing a lot of milk for when the baby is born; starts absorbing and storing nutrients and such as the baby’s food while it is inside the womb; and the skin stretches out as the fetus grows into a baby. After pregnancy, the body stops producing, storing and expanding and, since the skin is not elastic, it does not snap back to the way it was before. The breast augmentation is used as a way to make the breast firm again; liposuction is for taking away the extra fat deposits that went into nurturing and feeding the baby; and the tummy tuck is for restoring the flat belly and possibly hiding the c section scars from giving birth.

Right now, a problem you might be thinking is that those are three operations in one. You’re right. It actually used to be a risky thing but technological advances in health and medicine have been going great, making healing much faster for the patients while minimizing the pain and trauma experienced as well. Another thing to make sure about is the credibility of the doctor as risks only rise when doctors are committing malpractice.

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