What happens during a tummy tuck procedure?

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What Happens During a Tummy Tuck?

Doctors will usually answer this in a very simple way: they cut out the skin and fat that is forms a muffin top in the abdominal section. Upon a patient’s certainty of wanting a tummy tuck, the doctor will then start talking about the different things that goes into the procedure.

Imagine an overweight friend who recently lost a lot of weight. What you’ll most likely notice is that the skin doesn’t snap back to the way it was when that person was as thin as a stick, right? That’s the part the surgeon takes out. There’s the incision will usually cut from hip to hip and, once the section the patient isn’t happy about is taken out, the surgeon then takes skin from the different part of the body and attaches the loose skin to it.

Honestly, that’s just the way tummy tucks work in a very simplistic sense. The complicated part is purely for the doctor to know. The doctor should know several things:

How big an incision he should make

The size of an incision is very important in this surgery because of one simple reason: scarring. Scarring will always occur in any type of surgery and, should the doctor make a mistake, that scar will be obvious. As cosmetic surgery is to make the patient feel better about the body, making scars huge and obvious is defeating the purpose of undergoing a cosmetic procedure in the first place.

What “type” of tummy tuck he must perform to make the patient happy

The “type” is referring to how the doctor will achieve the patient’s desired outcome. There is a kind of tummy tuck that doesn’t simply take away the excess skin. Sometimes, the doctor needs to use a technique such as the High Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck because it achieves the flattest belly while, sometimes, it may suffice to keep it simple and use the Complete Abdominoplasty. But, this is not all there is as there are actually four other possible procedures. It really takes a good doctor to know what to use or if there are other variations needed to get the desired outcome.

Where he’s going to take or leave excess skin to cover up the wound

Also in relation to knowing what technique to use is the knowledge of where the doctor will take away and reconnect the skin.In some cases, for the patients who want a tauter behind, the doctor should pull skin from the thighs. For some, it will do to pull from the abdominal area as well. Again, it really depends on the expertise of the doctor (click here to see a list of board-certified doctors).


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