What Happens When You’re Undergoing Breast Augmentation?

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For one thing, the patient will definitely be knocked out and under local and/or general anesthesia so she won’t feel the pain. As for the rest, patients will be totally left in the dark unless the doctor divulges the whole procedure during consultation. Generally speaking, the patient will have control over what she wants her breasts to look like after surgery because it is all about her after all. When the procedure starts, however, the patient is knocked out and the doctor will be asking himself two things: where to insert the implants and what implants to use.

As to where, there is over the muscle and under the muscle with their own pros and cons, obviously. For what, there are also two options: round or teardrop-shaped?

Since some potential patients would want to gather knowledge online instead of physically going to different surgeons for consultations, reading this article will hopefully give the potential patients out there a good idea of what’s going to happen while they’re knocked out or a basic idea of what the doctor will be talking about.

Round or Teardrop?

The round implants give the breasts more projection and to fill out the upper part of the breast. Overdone, the breasts will look like balloons (think of some celebrities who have had one procedure too many). But then the appearances aren’t the only things to be taken into consideration.

Teardrop implants are special kinds of implants. I say they’re special because they’re only available as saline implants (click here for more information) and the fact that the shape makes doctors use or choose the round-shaped implants more. Other than being a saline implant, another factor is that its sac is textured. What that means is that it may rotate causing the breast to look deformed. Another thing about this type is that it usually isn’t as full as the round implant but it could offer more projection in place of the fullness.

As for the look, some patients want the procedure to look as natural as possible to avoid questions and whatnot. With this, some experts weigh in that the round implants actually look natural while some patients have leaned toward its counterpart. This really shows that this depends highly on the opinion of both the doctor and the patient. Of course the patient will be followed but do listen to the doctor as his opinion is also highly valuable.

Under or Over?

The placement is another integral decision in the procedure because there are two places the surgeon can place the implant: under the muscle or over the muscle.

The main advantage of placing an implant over the muscle is to give the breast a good lift as well as decreasing the overall pain of the procedure. Doctors will usually use a silicone implant for this placement because it is less visible and there will also be a considerable decrease in rippling. The disadvantage, however, is that this placement lacks protection as it is right beneath the skin and it can be easily detected through touch.

Placing the implant underneath the muscle, on the other hand, creates a holding effect wherein the muscles and tissues that surround the implant keep it in place, unlike when it is placed over the muscle. Some experts have also given out statements saying this placement’s outcome is the most consistent and, therefore, the best decision between the two.

Of course, should the patient disagree with the doctor’s ideas, she should communicate it immediately.

Click here for Breast Augmentation before and after pictures.

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