What is the best incision for breast augmentation?

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Just like any doctor will tell you during consultation, scarring will occur in every procedure. They will also tell you that the scar can be hidden or they can cut in places that will be quite unseen after the procedure. There are times when the area of incision is out of the patient’s control, as the doctor usually knows best. This article only aims to let potential patients know the areas where doctors will usually make incisions.

Note that this is only a basic discussion on the matter and not the discussion one will encounter during a consultation with the doctor. For more information, click here.

Under the Breasts

This type of incision is also called the Inframammary Fold or Breast Crease Incision. The surgeon will cut here usually because the natural fold the breasts create while the woman is standing upright will naturally hide the scar.

One reason why this is the area of incision usually used is because the longer incision gives the surgeon the most control over the placement of the implants. This absolutely means that it has the highest chance of a great outcome and is the best choice for corrective surgery. While it may have the best chances of looking good, doctors must be careful as carelessness can lead to ugly results.

This type of incision is most effective when the patient will not want any further breast augmentation procedures done. This is because further increases in breast size will eventually make the scar more obvious as it will stretch the skin. While the scar is just above the folding crease of the breasts, this means that a firmer, more stretched skin will raise the breast and bring out the scar.


Otherwise known as Transaxillary Incisions, is yet another popular incision. During surgery, the arms of the patient are raised so that the doctor can make the incision on the side of the breasts. It is a more specialized technique and will therefore require the patient to find a doctor who is well trained in such kind of an operation. A quick warning to those who should need such an incision: encountering an error will mean that fixing it could require a different point of entry.

The good thing about this kind of incision is that it is hidden until the patient should raise her arms. Also, this kind of incision allows the implants to be placed either below or over the muscle meaning that it is a rather versatile kind of incision for those seeking a breast augmentation.


This incision, also known as the Nipple Area or Periareolar Incision, is used mostly for patients who would want a breast lift. This incision, with best results, is the most invisible of the three types. The doctor cuts the exact line where the darker colored skin meets the lighter colored skin. Improperly done, the scar could look like a “smiley face” on the areola of the patient.

Although this type of incision currently seems to be the best, patients who will undergo this must be warned as the area of incision, the breast ducts, carry bacteria. Done carelessly, this means that the implant could carry the bacteria as it is inserted into the breasts and cause an

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