When do you need a tummy tuck?

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It May Be Time for a Tummy Tuck

Have you ever wondered if a tummy tuck is in your future? If your tummy is beginning to droop over your pants and sag in general, you might be a prime candidate for the procedure. Excess fat deposits and saggy skin around your abdomen are not particularly attractive. The problem is that when skin is stretched, either from weight gain or pregnancy, it can be stretched to the point that it never reverts back to its natural shape. Hence, the drooping and sagging that occurs after weight loss and childbirth. When you have reached this point, there are no amounts of sit-ups that will give you a flat abdomen. However, a tummy tuck will leave you with a tight, flat stomach.

The procedure is very popular with Houstonians. We tend towards the smart choices and it is smart to get help when you have a difficult time with a sagging belly. Both men and women opt for a tummy tuck in Houston. It is not a surgery that is exclusive to males or females. Both sexes can be faced with loose abdominal skin and muscles. It is primarily used for cosmetic purposes, but there are some cases where it becomes a medical necessity to have the surgery. Weakened abdominal muscles or severe back pain as a result of an overhanging stomach can be repaired with a tummy tuck.

As long as your weight is within the customary range for your body type, a tummy tuck surgery will be of benefit. Bear in mind that this surgery is not designed as a weight loss procedure. If you are obese, then you need to lose weight prior to the procedure.

Additional practical concerns

• Delay to this procedure in the event that you are attempting to reduce your weight

• Delay the surgery if you intend to become pregnant

• Consider the timing and how it impacts your life, before you schedule surgery

• You will need time off from work during the recovery period

• You need to be in general good health

Patients are sedated to facilitate comfort and ease, with a general anesthetic, or alternatively with intravenous sedation. Subject to the quantity of skin and fat to be taken off, the length of the surgical procedure might vary from between two and five hours. The plastic surgeon will detach the skin from the stomach wall and then firm up the stomach muscles during the surgery. As soon as the muscles are tightened, the skin is stretched back down, and any ancillary skin is removed. To learn more about the procedure and recovery, click here.

The most effective way to determine if you might be the right candidate for a tummy tuck is to seek advice from an established, board certified tummy tuck surgeon. Using a surgeon with great expertise in abdominoplasty is a smart move. They have the capacity to expand on the positive aspects, as well as any problems associated with this procedure.

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