Will Liposuction Give Me The Figure I Want?

  Posted on January 27, 2014   Last updated on December 8, 2017 |   


The average Houstonian is like anyone else. Some of us watch what we eat and exercise to stay fit, and some of us pretty much just let life take its natural course. A lot of us at some point discover that unfortunately we are carrying extra weight in certain areas of our body that seems impervious to traditional weight loss methods. These areas typically include the tummy, thighs, hips, lower back, neck, and backside. It really isn’t that much collective weight, usually from 7 to 10 pounds, but it can be unsightly. No matter how hard we try with exercise and diet, these areas of unwanted fat just don’t seem to go away. This is usually due to lifestyle, age, pregnancy, and genetics. It is frustrating, especially if you are close to your ideal weight but can’t quite get to the point you want. There is a solution in the form of a plastic surgical procedure known as liposuction.

As far as cosmetic surgery goes, the liposuction procedure is probably one of the least invasive, and yet one of the most popular. There are hundreds of thousands of procedures performed every year in United States. The procedure requires some form of an anesthetic. Depending on how extensive the surgery, it may be a general anesthetic, or it could be intravenous sedation. Lipo is performed on an outpatient basis so you will be home the same day. It is a good idea to have someone available to bring you home from your surgeon’s office and stay with you for the first few days of recovery. There will be swelling, and some bruising and any pain can be managed by prescription medication.

The primary benefit of liposuction surgery is that a skilled surgeon can use it to contour and shape your figure. After you have fully recovered from the surgery, you can shop for clothes that are form fitting and stylish. You no longer have to hide your bulges with baggy clothes. This in turn, leads to a positive boost in self-esteem and self-image. Studies have shown that when we feel better about how we look, we feel better in general. This feeling spills over into all aspects of life. Personal relationships, relationships with colleagues and employers, and our outlook in general are improved.

Many people are good candidates for the procedure. You need to be within your ideal target weight. If you are appreciably overweight, you should lose and keep it off for at least six months prior to the surgery. You need to be in overall decent health, and free from any serious medical issues such as diabetes or lung disease. If you smoke, you should quit at least two weeks prior to the procedure. When you talk to your surgeon he or she will likely show you before and after pictures of procedures they have performed. Read here for additional information about the liposuction procedure.

If you think the surgery will benefit you, you should seek out a liposuction surgeon. Find a surgeon who is well versed in the procedure, and who is board certified. This ensures a higher level of expertise and ethics. Liposuction is considered very safe, but it is a surgery, and as such it has some inherent risks and the possibility of complications. Talk about these risks with your surgeon so you have a greater understanding of what is in store for you. A good plastic surgeon will have no problem answering your questions and discussing the procedure at length.

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