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Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess breast tissue. At Memorial Plastic Surgery, our leading plastic surgeons Dr. Patrick Hsu, Dr. Kendall Roehl, and Dr. Vasileios Vasilakis, along with our staff, have successfully performed hundreds of breast reduction surgeries. This ensures that women in Houston and Clear Lake are provided with beautiful and satisfying results.

Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Ideal candidates for breast reduction are women who wish to reduce the size of their breasts due to distress caused by:

  • Chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain
  • Poor posture
  • Rashes and/or infections under the breasts
  • Difficulty in performing physical activities such as sports and exercise
  • Self-consciousness and difficulty in fitting into clothing

Breast Reduction Techniques

Our doctors utilize the following techniques to provide patients with varying breast sizes with life-changing results:

  • Inverted-T (Anchor)
    An incision is made around the areola and extends downwards to and along the breast crease. This technique is recommended for patients who suffer from extreme breast enlargement. It creates an incision that resembles an anchor or an inverted-T.
  • Vertical (Lollipop)
    Involves two incisions that circle the areola and extends vertically to the breast crease. This allows a large amount of breast tissue to be excised, resulting in a lifted look that perks the breasts. Vertical breast reductions are recommended to patients with visible breast droop (ptosis) and seek a moderate reduction.
  • Liposuction Technique
    This technique involves less pain, scarring, and a shorter recovery period since only small incisions are made in the breast crease to extract fat. Breast reduction using liposuction is an effective procedure. However, it is only ideal for women who need a minor reduction.

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How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Breast reduction is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia. The surgery may take between 2 – 3 hours, depending on the chosen technique. Your doctor will mark the planned incisions along with your breasts before surgery. Once sedated, you will be treated by a team that includes your surgeon and experienced medical staff.

Your doctor will lift and remove excess breast tissue with a scalpel. An electrosurgical tool is used to aid in the removal of dense tissue and control bleeding. Once the tissue has been removed from the body, the nipples are repositioned, and the incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures.

Risks and Complications

  • Reduced sensation in the nipples and areolas
    Sensation will gradually return as your body recovers. While the complete loss of nipple sensation can occur, the likelihood is low.
  • Visible Scars
    Though your scars will never disappear, they will fade in time. The incisions made during surgery are strategically placed to ensure scars remain hidden beneath your bra and bikini top.
  • Inability to breastfeed
    Depending on the technique used, it may be possible to lose the ability to breastfeed. Women who wish to bear children in the future must discuss their goals with our doctors upon consultation.
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Breast Reduction Cost

Your insurance plan may cover breast reduction if the procedure is considered medically necessary. Memorial Plastic Surgery works closely with in-network providers: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Community Health Choice, and Medicare. If you have a different insurance carrier, we will still work with your insurance company if you have out-of-network coverage.

After your initial consultation, we will send a clinical summary to your insurance provider for approval. Surgery can be scheduled once feedback has been received, which is typically after 4 – 6 weeks.

If your case is not covered by insurance, the price of a cosmetic breast reduction at our Houston or Clear Lake office is typically $13,550+. The cost is inclusive of anesthesia and operating room (OR) fees, and follow-up visits with your doctor after surgery. It also includes the professional fees of your surgeon, which vary per doctor. Memorial Plastic Surgery accepts all major credit cards, checks, cryptocurrency, and medical financing.

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Recovery & Results

It will take up to 6 months for your body to recover from surgery, and patients can expect to continue to see changes in their breasts for approximately 1 year following the procedure. Upon discharge, our doctors will provide you with pain medications and instructions for post-op care to ensure your body heals with minimal complications.

You can review the table below for an estimated timeline of the recovery period.

Post-op Bra 8 weeks
Physical discomfort (bruising & swelling) 6 months
Full body showers 48 hours
Return to Work 1 – 2 weeks
Driving 1 – 2 weeks
Full body baths 4 weeks
Household Chores 6 weeks
Regular exercise & strenuous activities 6 weeks

Once the new size of your breasts has settled, you can experience a host of physical and emotional changes that will empower you to lead a more active and confident life.

Breast Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I know which technique is best for me?
      Our doctors will help you decide the best technique during your initial consultation.
    2. Is there a breast reduction procedure for men?
      Yes, many men also suffer from enlarged breasts. Gynecomastia surgery can be similar to a woman’s breast reduction, as it also removes excess glandular tissue and fat from the chest.
    3. What is the age limit for a breast reduction?
      While it is possible to undergo a breast reduction at a young age, it is best to wait until the breasts have fully developed before altering the size to achieve optimal results.
    4. Is there a weight limit for this procedure?
      Overweight patients are recommended to get as close as possible to their ideal weight. Not only will it aid in achieving a better cosmetic outcome, but it will also decrease the risks of complications from surgery.
    5. Will future pregnancy compromise my results?
      Any physical changes that happen after surgery can affect the final results. Our doctors will sometimes suggest waiting until you have completed childbirth before undergoing the procedure.
    6. Can I have other procedures with my breast reduction?
      Yes, it is possible to include the procedure in a mommy makeover. This combination of cosmetic surgeries includes a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift/augmentation, and reduction.
Request Your ConsultationYou can request a consultation online or if you have any questions please call the office 713-633-4411.


*The content and images on this page are provided with the sole intention of educating potential patients on the procedure discussed above. Results vary per individual and are dependent on our doctor’s consultation prior to the procedure. We strongly recommend undergoing a formal consultation with a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon prior to scheduling and undergoing any surgical or non-surgical treatment.