Plastic Surgery Videos

Memorial Plastic Surgery’s team of leading board-certified plastic surgeons are among the most prominent in Texas. From TV interviews to their work with outreach organizations in Houston, you can learn more about the art of plastic surgery straight from our surgeons themselves.

Dr. Patrick Hsu Talks About Brazilian Butt Lift on ABC13

Cosmetic Procedures – Memorial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Patrick Hsu Talks About Breast Reconstruction

Top Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Patrick Hsu

The Rose Offers Breast Reconstruction Awareness

Breast Reconstruction Using Your Own Tissue and Implants – Memorial Plastic Surgery

The Classification of Breast Ptosis or Breast Droop

What Body Areas Can Be Treated With Liposuction – Memorial Plastic Surgery

What’s the difference between a Full Tummy Tuck vs. Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Types of Breast Implants

What are the different types of incisions for breast augmentation

CoolSculpting Treatment

*The content and images on this page are provided with the sole intention of educating potential patients on the procedure discussed above. Results vary per individual and are dependent on our doctor’s consultation prior to the procedure. We strongly recommend undergoing a formal consultation with a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon prior to scheduling and undergoing any surgical or non-surgical treatment.