Submental fullness, or double chin, is a condition that affects many men and women. This problem is due to aging, weight gain, and genetics. Around 67% of people surveyed by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery are bothered by this condition.

KYBELLA® is the only FDA-approved injectable that is used for double chin removal. KYBELLA® is an effective non-surgical procedure for eliminating extra fat in the chin area, giving the face a more defined profile.

Ideal Candidates for the Treatment

You may be a good candidate for KYBELLA® treatment if:

  • The fat under your chin or other small areas is bothersome and makes you self-conscious
  • You want to improve your facial profile
  • You do not want surgery
  • You have stubborn fat that is unresponsive to diet and exercise

After assessing your candidacy,

you are advised to inform your practitioner if you are/have/had/plan to have:

  • Any surgery or cosmetic treatment on the face, neck, or chin
  • Medical conditions in or near the neck area such as thyroid disorders and swollen lymph nodes
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Bleeding problems
  • Pregnant or plan to get pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Taking blood thinners or other prescribed and over the counter medications, vitamins or herbal supplements
  • Infections on or near the treatment area

Disclosing these conditions to your practitioner will ensure your safety and prevent the occurrence of complications and side effects.

Treatment Cost

The cost for a single treatment for KYBELLA® in Houston will depend on the experience of your provider and the number of treatments needed to give you the optimal aesthetic results. Contact us today for pricing and to schedule a consultation.

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How Does KYBELLA® Work?

Synthetic deoxycholic acid is the active ingredient in KYBELLA®. Deoxycholic acid is a molecule that is biologically available in the body and helps in the breakdown and absorption of fat.

When KYBELLA® is injected, it attacks and destroys fat cells, leaving them permanently unable to accumulate fat.

What are the Areas Can Be Treated With KYBELLA®?

Currently, KYBELLA® is approved to treat only to the chin area. But it has been used successfully in other parts of the body such as the armpit bulges, inner knees, elbows, and other small areas.  KYBELLA® does not treat the loose skin that may occur after the fat is removed. A consultation is highly recommended before your treatment to determine if you are a good candidate.

The KYBELLA® Treatment

How does it work?

Synthetic deoxycholic acid is the active component of KYBELLA®. Deoxycholic acid is a molecule that is biologically available in the body. This molecule breaks down fat and stimulates its absorption.

When KYBELLA® is injected it attacks and destroys fat cells, leaving them permanently unable to accumulate fat.

How is it done?

KYBELLA® treatment is a non-invasive procedure and takes only 15 to 20 minutes to perform. There is a minimal pain, but a topical numbing cream or an ice pack may be applied to relieve discomfort. During a treatment session, several small injections of KYBELLA® are administered into the area beneath the chin.

The number of injections is determined by the amount of fat under your chin and on your aesthetic goals.  Most patients will need 2 – 4 treatments, but should not need more than six treatments. Treatments must be performed at least one month apart.

Request Your ConsultationYou can request a consultation online or if you have any questions please call the office 713-633-4411.

How Long Would Recovery Take?

KYBELLA® treatment has little to no downtime. You can return to normal activities immediately. However, there are things you can do that can help with your recovery:

  • Avoid massaging the treated area to prevent additional swelling
  • Apply a cold compress on the treated area
  • Take Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin
  • Avoid strenuous activities for three days
  • Elevate the head while sleeping

Risk and Side Effects

KYBELLA® is safe and effective when used and appropriately administered. But like other treatments, it is not without side effects which may include:

  • Swelling of face, tongue, lips, or throat
  • Bruising
  • Numbness of injection sites
  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Hardness on the treated area

These side effects are often temporary and may resolve on its own.

Another complication that may arise upon administration of KYBELLA® is mandibular nerve injury. The mandibular nerve is responsible for controlling facial expressions. When this nerve is injured during the injection of KYBELLA®, it may result in having an uneven smile, facial muscle weakness, and trouble in swallowing.

Though this may sound serious, the nerve injury can resolve itself within 44 days while difficulty in swallowing is resolved within three days. Should other unrecorded side effects and complications arise, you are advised to contact your physician right away.

How Long Does KYBELLA® Last?

The outcome of the treatment becomes noticeable after 2 to 4 treatments. The effects of KYBELLA® are long lasting, so there is no need for additional treatment after your last session unless there is a recurrence of submental fullness. Contact us to schedule your consultation!

*The content and images on this page are provided with the sole intention of educating potential patients on the procedure discussed above. Results vary per individual and are dependent on our doctor’s consultation prior to the procedure. We strongly recommend undergoing a formal consultation with a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon prior to scheduling and undergoing any surgical or non-surgical treatment.