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Breasts are an integral part of a woman’s form that defines her femininity Its attachment to women’s identity is the single most crucial reason breast enhancement and reconstruction have become prevalent procedures Want to Enhance the Size of Your Breasts MPS board-certified plastic surgeons... | Read More

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Breasts are an integral part of a woman’s form that defines her femininity. Its attachment to women’s identity is the single most crucial reason breast enhancement and reconstruction have become prevalent procedures.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

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What Are The Breast Implant Profiles?

Choosing the right breast implant can be challenging, given its various features. However, among the implant features, the profiles themselves are often misunderstood. Implant profile refers to the overall shape of an implant is determined by three dimensions:

  • Base diameter or width
  • Volume
  • Projection

The Different Types of Implant Profile

breast implant profiles

At present, implants are distinguished by the following profiles:

LOW PROFILE IMPLANT This profile has the broadest base diameter and the least projection. It appears flat when viewed from the side but can provide the breasts with a natural look and a moderate cleavage. Low-profile implants are ideal for women with a broad chest frame and a full breast width.
MODERATE PROFILE IMPLANT This profile offers more projection than a low-profile implant despite the small differences in base diameter. It is the gold standard for implant profiles since it gives the breasts more volume and fullness, allowing them to look more natural. It is an excellent choice for women with a medium frame and breast width.
MODERATE PLUS PROFILE This profile has a projection between a moderate and high profile and a base diameter narrower than a moderate profile. Moderate Plus is perfect for women with a medium chest frame and breast width but desires more projection.
HIGH PROFILE IMPLANT This profile provides a significant amount of projection compared to low and moderate profiles. This profile’s narrow base diameter gives the implant a rounder shape, which imparts a considerable fullness to the breasts’ upper pole. High-profile implants are ideal for women with a petite frame, narrow breast width, and who desire a significant increase in breast size.
ULTRA-HIGH & VERY HIGH PROFILE Both profiles have the narrowest base diameter and offer the most excellent projection and fullness to the breasts.

It is essential to understand that an implant profile does not directly translate to its projection. The actual projection of an implant is relative to its base diameter. However, it is worth noting that only three implant dimensions define profile and projection.

Choosing the Right Implant Profile

No two women have the same body characteristics, so a similar implant may give two completely different looks despite aiming for the same outcome. In determining what implant profile is right for you, there are two things to consider:

breast and chest dimension

1. Breast and Chest Dimensions

One crucial body measurement is your breast width. It determines the implant’s maximum base diameter that can be fitted into your breasts to achieve the size, shape, and look that you desire.

Breast width (cm) is measured starting from the breast’s inner edge, just where it begins in the cleavage, and across to the end of the breast by the arm. In general, an implant with the same or a slightly narrower base diameter than your breast width is the ideal implant to choose.

Going significantly below or beyond your breast width may result in aesthetic issues such as Symmastia, a wide gap in the cleavage area, and implant rippling, among other things.

desired result

2. Desired Result

Implant profiles influence your breasts’ overall appearance after augmentation, so your desired look is a necessary factor to consider in choosing the right implant.

If you opt for a subtle and natural look, a low-profile implant may be a good option. A moderate profile implant can also be an ideal choice for a natural look, but it comes with additional projection and volume. If you want a fuller and more augmented appearance, then a high-profile implant may be a suitable option.

It is vital to discuss your goals and desired outcome during your consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. In that way, you can attain stunning and satisfying results.

Helping you Choose the Right Profile

Choosing the right breast implant can become a daunting task, given the different implant options. However, do not let the various choices overwhelm you. Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon can help you understand the different implant options and their effects on the outcome you want to achieve.

With the skillful guidance of a board-certified plastic surgeon, you will be able to choose an implant that can provide you with a look that best complements your body type and lifestyle.

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