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Hollywood’s Obsession With Facelifts

Hollywood is known for a lot of things, such as being the movie capital of the world. One aspect of Hollywood that gets a lot of media attention is this seemingly endless obsession with plastic surgery, the facelift in particular. It is almost to the point where the Hollywood lifestyle is synonymous... | Read More

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Don’t Fear A Facelift

Houstonians that are considering a facelift procedure may find the prospect to be a bit overwhelming. This is a natural feeling. Anyone would have some trepidation when they think about what the procedure entails. However, when you understand the benefits of this surgery, you will realize that it is... | Read More

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A Facelift Can Combat Age Discrimination

We are a youth-oriented culture in Houston. Our society at large is focused on being young. It is almost an obsession. A correlation to this fascination with youth is a negative aspect known as ageism. Ageism is stereotyping and discriminating against individuals based on their age. Ageism is felt n... | Read More

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