Don’t Fear A Facelift

  Posted on January 16, 2014   Last updated on December 8, 2017 |   

face liftHoustonians that are considering a face lift procedure may find the prospect to be a bit overwhelming. This is a natural feeling. Anyone would have some trepidation when they think about what the procedure entails. However, when you understand the benefits of this surgery, you will realize that it is an excellent solution to aging prematurely. Here are some tips to help allay your fears and allow you to feel comfortable about committing to the surgery.

The first step in understanding the procedure is finding the right facelift surgeon. Engaging the services of an excellent surgeon and getting to know them beforehand, goes a long way to making you feel better about the prospect of the procedure. He or she is a professional and understands that you will have some anxiety over the surgery.

Discuss the possible risks and complications of the procedure

Like a lot of things we fear, once we understand them better, we realize that there isn’t really anything to be afraid of. It is quite natural to worry about surgery. We all know that even minor surgeries have risks associated with them. Your doctor will be happy to discuss the entire facelift procedure with you, not only the benefits, but also what the risks are. He or she will describe the process, talk about the anesthesia, and the risks that are related to infections. The more that you understand, the more confident you will be in your surgeon’s abilities. The unknown is what we fear the most; knowing is what makes fear manageable.

Understand your surgeon’s credentials and capabilities

Knowing something about your facelift surgeon’s background, and his or her credentials will help you realize that you’re in good hands. If your surgeon is board-certified, he or she has undergone extensive training beyond the normal surgical training. It means they have been tested and have a great deal of hands-on experience with your procedure. Look at their before-and-after pictures. This will give you a good idea of their capabilities, and a clear idea of what you can expect from the surgery. Read the testimonials from patients on their websites. The knowledge that you are in competent hands brings a measure of security.

Talk about recovery and long-term aftermath

Understanding the recovery process is an important aspect of the process. Find out how much time you need to stay in the hospital, or if it is an outpatient procedure. Discuss the steps you need to take for the recovery process. Find out how long you may need to be away from work, and if you need someone to help you with your daily routine. Inquire about any pain during the recuperation and what you can do about it. Ask how long before you’ll see the final results of the facelift procedure.

Once you have all your questions answered, and you talk to your surgeon about what to expect, you will have the bigger picture. Knowledge is a good thing and will help to make you feel better about the surgery, as well as help you look forward to the amazing results.

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