Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

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In Houston and elsewhere, plastic surgery procedures are increasing in number. If you are considering plastic surgery, it is important that you find a board-certified surgeon who is not just experienced but also ethical. An ethical plastic surgeon is simply a surgeon whose top concerns are patient satisfaction and safety. This means that he/she has performed enough surgeries to provide excellent results and is able to minimize any risks and complications that may arise.

Consider these tips when choosing the right plastic surgeon:

Board-certified surgeons:
Board certification means the surgeon has had several years of training beyond medical school and residency. Make sure your doctor:
a) Has at least (3) three years of general surgery training
b) Has at least (2) two years of plastic surgery experience
c) Participates in continuing education
d) Follows a strict code of ethics – an ethical plastic surgeon is simply a surgeon who is dedicated to patient satisfaction and safety. He or she will not go beyond what is good for the patient, even if the patient wants them to.
e) Has hospital privileges

Your plastic surgeon should be a member of one of these organizations:
a) ASPS – American Society of Plastic Surgeons
b) ABPS – American Board of Plastic Surgery
c) ASAPS – American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

The internet allows your to search for real-time, up-to-date reviews on the most popular doctors in your area. Take the time to visit all of the popular forums to learn more about your plastic surgeon and what others have to say about him/her.

a) Visit a few doctors to see where you feel most comfortable
b) Don’t be afraid to ask for in-depth information about the procedure
c) Remember to ask about the recovery time and any possible risks.

a) Choose a surgeon who frequently performs your procedure
b) Ask to view past patients’ before-and-after photos.

c) Remember that no doctor is perfect! With that said, a doctor who ONLY tells you the good is probably lying.  Surgery is complicated. Experienced doctor are honest with their patients and will manage your expectations properly by showing great before-and-after photos along with the average ones.

If you find yourself needing a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction, here are tips for finding the right DIEP flap surgeon.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon in Houston.

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