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Donald Trump Plastic Surgery Makeover

Make Donald Trump Look Great Again Whether we like it or not, Donald J. Trump is (still) the 45th President of the United State. And while his policies continue to drive an even bigger gap between the people of this great country, one thing Americans everywhere can agree on is the man’s dire need ... | Read More

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Miss Universe and Plastic Surgery

An Inside Look at Plastic Surgery in the World of Beauty Contests The Miss Universe competition is one of the most anticipated events of the year. On January 30, hundreds of the most beautiful women in the world will come together in Manila, Philippines, for the chance to be crowned as this year’s... | Read More

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Brad Pitt Golden Globe Award 2016

It’s no secret that Brad Pitt is arguably the most handsome man on the planet. His balance of classic Hollywood charm, excellent talent, and seemingly natural good looks have made him an icon and an inspiration for millions of men all over the world. It was at January’s Golden Globe’s when the... | Read More

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