Hollywood’s Obsession With Facelifts

  Posted on February 20, 2014   Last updated on December 8, 2017 |   

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Hollywood is known for a lot of things, such as being the movie capital of the world. One aspect of Hollywood that gets a lot of media attention is this seemingly endless obsession with plastic surgery, the face lift in particular. It is almost to the point where the Hollywood lifestyle is synonymous with cosmetic surgery. It is no surprise that, in an industry that promotes youth and beauty, the very people that work in that industry would embrace procedures that help them stay young looking. However, for many outrageous celebrities it has gone beyond just trying to maintain a youthful appearance, and almost into the twilight zone.

You can point to any number of celebrities who have had special procedures performed, and they look natural and remarkably well. But there are others who just won’t stop having procedures. Joan Rivers comes to mind. This woman is in her late 70’s, and it seems as though she is trying to maintain the look of a 30 year old for her whole life. While she does not look like she’s in her 70’s, she doesn’t look exactly normal. She has a perennial frozen face. Then there is Cher, who has had cheek implants, facelifts, and rhinoplasty, and while she does look pretty good, it is beginning to look a bit bizarre.

If you have issues with your face, especially if it is looking older than your years, there is nothing wrong with contacting a facelift surgeon in Houston to turn back the clock. If you have the means, and the willingness, and you’re in reasonably good health, with a sound emotional outlook, then by all means you should have the surgery. But it is when you don’t know when to stop that problems arise. One has to wonder, when some of these people look at themselves in the mirror, what it is that they are seeing? Clearly, if they saw themselves like the rest of us see them they would stop modifying their appearance. When certain celebrities have gone way beyond the norm, like Mickey Rourke for instance, most people agree that the end results are strange.

A side effect of this bizarre celebrity obsession phenomenon is the average person who engages the services of a plastic surgeon to look like one of their favorite celebrities. It’s no secret that we idolize movie stars. There’s really nothing wrong with being a fan. That is healthy and normal. But trying to look like them, and going so far as to have plastic surgeries to that end, shifts over to a gray area that may not be considered emotionally healthy.

It is amusing to follow the cosmetic surgery antics of celebrities. It’s fun to read about them. The sad truth, however, is that this behavior will catch up with these people at some point, and the results might be ghastly. It is a commentary on our society that certain groups of people feel compelled to go so far with procedures that, in moderation, yield remarkably wonderful results. That overuse can create bizarre and unpleasant looking visages.

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