Dr. Patrick Hsu Attends 49th Baker Gordon Educational Symposium

Dr Patrick Hsu took part in the 49th Baker Gordon Educational Symposium with the theme, “Integrating the Subtleties of Nuance into Surgical Expertise – Face, Breast, Cosmetic Medicine,” held last Feb 12 – 14, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Miami Known for its tradition of “academic didactics... | Read More

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Dr. Patrick Hsu took part in the 49th Baker Gordon Educational Symposium with the theme, “Integrating the Subtleties of Nuance into Surgical Expertise – Face, Breast, Cosmetic Medicine,” held last Feb. 12 – 14, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Miami.

baker gordon educational symposiumKnown for its tradition of “academic didactics combined with live demonstrations by masters in plastic surgery,” the Baker Gordon Symposium featured five live surgeries this year:

  1. Extended SMAS face and neck technique with lipo-filling with Dr. James M. Stuzin.
  2. Breast augmentation combining implants and lipo-filling by Dr. Daniel del Vecchio.
  3. Primary breast augmentation with Dr. William P. Adams, Jr.
  4. Minimal incision percutaneous mastopexy by Dr. Jack Fisher.
  5. Tumescent facelift with Dr. Louis Bucky.

Hosted by Dr. Thomas J. Baker and Dr. James S. Stuzin, the symposium chose Dr. Ronald Gruber of Oakland, Calif. as this year’s keynote speaker. With a career spanning 30 years, Dr. Gruber is most known for his pioneer work on open rhinoplasty.

The three-day educational conference began with Dr. Stuzin’s extended SMAS face and neck lift followed by video demonstrations and lectures on the nuances in neck lifting from Drs. Timothy J. Marten, Louis P. Bucky, and Val Lambros.

The second live surgery was performed on the conference’s first day, as well – breast augmentation combining implants and lipo-filling by Dr. del Vecchio. Talks on nuances in cosmetic medicine, particularly injectable fillers and non-invasive devices, led by Drs. Jeffrey M. Kenkel, Steven Fagien, and Arthur Swift filled the Hyatt Regency hall the same afternoon.

Surgeons turned their attention to breast and body aesthetic procedures on the second day. Led by Drs. Adams, Jr., Louis Strock, and Fisher together with Drs. del Vecchio and Roger K. Khouri, those gathered learned and discussed the nuances in breast augmentation. Dr. Adams. Jr. then proceeded with a live demonstration of primary breast augmentation. Dr. Fisher’s take on mastopexy signaled the end of the day’s activities.

Professor Christopher Salgado - Dr Patric Hsu - Dr Pat Pazmino - Dr John Oeltjen

Keynote speaker Dr. Gruber engaged his audience at the beginning of the third (and final) day. The California surgeon shared the secrets to understanding and mastering the nuances of open rhinoplasty as Dr. Rodney Rohrich imparted his own list of 10 essential lessons from his mastery of the procedure.

Facelift Live Surgery

Face lifting, one of the more popular aesthetic surgical procedures, had its own time at the symposium. The tumescent and SMAS techniques were of particular interest to faculty members Drs. Timothy J. Marten, Bucky, and Stuzin. With high anticipation, participants and faculty watched as Dr. Bucky performed the tumescent facelift to conclude the three-day symposium.

Multimedia played an important part in this year’s gathering. Interactive video demonstrations showed advances in periorbital and autologous fat grafting to the face and injecting deep volume and fine line fillers for non-surgical rejuvenation. Shown, too, were video demonstrations on platysmaplasty, transaxillary breast augmentation, technical refinements in abdominoplasty, Brachioplasty, and open rhinoplasty.

Baker Gordon faculty of previous years (including Drs. Dennis Hammond, Patrick Maxwell, Foad Nahal, and Constantino Mendieta, to name a few) also produced video vignettes to provide an overview of the various approaches to problems fellow physicians might encounter in aesthetic surgery.

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