Exparel Post-Surgical Pain Management

  Posted on November 26, 2013   Last updated on December 8, 2017 |   

Breast augmentation procedures are some of the most common plastic surgeries performed in Houston and the surrounding areas. The procedure requires a general anesthetic. How soon you can return to your normal activity after the surgery depends on what your normal activity entails. Typically most women go back to work within a few days time. If you have a demanding job that requires a lot of physical exertion, it may be better for you to wait a bit longer. Pain is typically regulated with opiate-based prescription medications.

Advances in plastic surgery techniques are being made all the time. Researchers and plastic surgeons strive to streamline procedures and make the recovery times quicker and less painful. There is a relatively new analgesic that is applied locally with a single injection during the surgery called EXPAREL®. It is slowly released into the breasts after surgery over a 72-hour period. The result is pain free breast augmentation, which is nothing short of remarkable.

The use of EXPAREL® means a significant reduction in typical pain medication prescribed post surgery. Most prescription pain medication is narcotic based. When EXPAREL® is used, there is generally a faster return to work and normal activities, and there is less postoperative pain. Because the first few days after surgery is when pain is at its worst, it is important to effectively manage that pain. Sometimes opiate-based pain medication presents unwanted side effects. With EXPAREL®, these can be avoided.

Fear about postoperative pain is very common and a normal emotion, and one of the reasons why people often hesitate to undergo surgeries. There are certain cosmetic procedures that have more pain associated with them than others. It has been shown that when EXPAREL® is used, minimal opiate drugs are required. There is an overall higher satisfaction with the pain management process. Patients report lower pain scores. Pain is greatly reduced making the idea of the procedures more palatable to individuals that need them.

EXPAREL® is the first single dose local pain medication that controls pain for up to 72 hours. The FDA approved it in 2011. One obvious benefit of EXPAREL® breast augmentation is that aside from the reduction in pain, there is a reduced need for pain pumps, which are used in the postoperative recovery period. Data from numerous studies indicate that EXPAREL® is safe and shows no hindrance to the healing process, and produces no difficulty with the implants.

You will still need to follow your plastic surgeons guidelines for the recovery period. You can anticipate some swelling and soreness, and you will still need to wear a surgical bra. Avoid heavy lifting for a period of up to approximately 4 weeks. If you are the appropriate age group, you should continue with mammograms.

With advances in treatments, procedures, and postoperative pain management, plastic surgery is becoming safer and more effective than ever before. There is no reason to fear postoperative pain; it can now be managed in a very comprehensive and effective way.

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