What Is A “Body Lift” And When Do I Need One?

So, you’ve lost a lot of weight Congratulations! Now what Unfortunately, when a person loses a lot of weight, it doesn’t follow that the remaining excess skin will shrink and adapt accordingly Poor tissue elasticity leaves skin hanging to create uneven contours No matter how much you exercise... | Read More

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what is a body lift

So, you’ve lost a lot of weight. Congratulations! Now what? Unfortunately, when a person loses a lot of weight, it doesn’t follow that the remaining excess skin will shrink and adapt accordingly. Poor tissue elasticity leaves skin hanging to create uneven contours.

No matter how much you exercise or go on a diet, that excess skin will not go away willingly. To remove that excess loose skin and to improve the shape and tone of the underlying tissue supporting the fat and skin, your best option is to undergo surgery.

The type of medical procedure to address this dilemma is termed a body lift. It involves contouring and firming loose sagging skin on various parts of the body via surgical intervention. A full body lift means the entire body is involved, primarily focusing on the buttocks, tummy, thighs, arms, and breasts.

When Is The Right Time For A Body Lift?

There are three separate procedures that comprise a typical body lift: a butt lift, a bilateral/lateral thigh lift, and an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. It’s important to remember that a body lift procedure can be customized depending on an individual patient’s needs.

For people with a large amount of excess skin throughout their extremities, lower body, and midsection, however, it might be more prudent to consider a full body lift instead.

At Memorial plastic surgery, we perform body lifts in one session and the procedure takes approximately five hours.

What Should I Consider Before the Surgery?

It cannot be stressed enough that a full body lift surgery is a complex process that requires serious consideration before a patient chooses to go under the knife. The ideal candidates for a full body lift are people who:

  • Have completed their weight loss journey
  • Have maintained a stable weight for at least six months following their weight loss
  • Have significant loose skin circumferentially
  • Have well-controlled comorbidities
  • Are committed to maintaining a healthy and nutritious lifestyle moving forward, which includes optimum physical activity

What are the Limitations of a Body Lift?

For all the good that a body lift can do, it cannot reduce excess fat outside the resection pattern, unless it is combined with liposuction.

To remove excess fat from those other areas, you can avail of the liposuction services that Memorial Plastic Surgery offers to patients.

Your Body Deserves A Lift

Now that you’ve lost that weight, it’s time to tighten that excess skin. Since a body lift involves surgery, it is paramount that a patient always looks for a board-certified cosmetic surgeon by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons who possesses specialized training and significant experience in this field. A surgeon affiliated with a known clinic like Memorial Plastic Surgery will often deliver the best results possible.

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