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How To Know If You’ve Had Good Liposuction

A new year often involves making New Year’s Resolutions, particularly regarding one’s health. It’s an opportunity to make some major changes including shedding unwanted pounds that you gained over the holidays. One of the best options for getting rid of fat is by getting that misunderstood cos... | Read More

  Posted on January 25, 2023   Last updated on March 15, 2023 |   

Tips To Stay In Shape After Your Liposuction

There are certain misconceptions that people tend to have regarding liposuction. The removal of fat cells from any part of the body via liposuction actually results in permanent fat loss. The fat cells will not return to that area. Unfortunately, fat cells in other parts of the body will compensate ... | Read More

  Posted on January 19, 2023   Last updated on March 15, 2023 |   

What Is The Difference Between A Buttock Lift, Butt Implants, And A Brazilian Butt Lift?

The appearance of the butt can often be a sore topic for people to talk about. Some may view their buttocks as flat while others find their buttocks saggy because of weight loss or aging. This may appear as a loss of excess skin tissue of the muscles of the buttocks, resulting in poor definition, ev... | Read More

  Posted on November 15, 2022   Last updated on December 1, 2022 |   

Why Are Women Satisfied With Their Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure that has helped many women feel more confident and satisfied with their appearance. While every woman's experience is unique, there are several reasons why women are satisfied following their breast augmentation surgery. A prospective outc... | Read More

  Posted on November 8, 2022   Last updated on March 8, 2023 |   

How You Can Get Contoured Cheeks With Buccal Fat Pad Removal

To achieve the facial contours one usually sees in models, many have opted to get cheek fillers. Unfortunately, because cheek filler adds more volume, this is not the ideal route to take for people with naturally rounded cheeks. In contrast, opting for buccal fat pad removal actually takes away full... | Read More

  Posted on September 19, 2022   Last updated on October 3, 2022 |   

Are The Results Of An Abdominal Etching Permanent?

One of the greatest battles people have waged for centuries has been the so-called “battle of the bulge.” Both men and women have been struggling to keep their tummies smaller or flatter since time immemorial. Numerous diets and exercise routines have been formulated to aid in this battle althou... | Read More

  Posted on September 12, 2022   Last updated on October 3, 2022 |   

What Is A “Body Lift” And When Do I Need One?

So, you’ve lost a lot of weight. Congratulations! Now what? Unfortunately, when a person loses a lot of weight, it doesn’t follow that the remaining excess skin will shrink and adapt accordingly. Poor tissue elasticity leaves skin hanging to create uneven contours. No matter how much you exercis... | Read More

  Posted on August 15, 2022   Last updated on October 3, 2022 |   

I Still Have Loose Skin After Liposuction. What Should I Do?

It is something not often mentioned, but liposuction does not mark the end of one’s body transformation. In fact, because of the loose and sagging skin, one is left with after undergoing the procedure, it actually marks a beginning. To be clear, liposuction involves removing the volume beneath the... | Read More

  Posted on August 8, 2022   Last updated on October 3, 2022 |   

Why More Men Are Getting a ‘Daddy Do-Over’ Surgery

As men get older, it’s inevitable that they gain weight. Their metabolism slows down and even their production of testosterone gradually decreases. Work and family responsibilities also often prevent men from getting any exercise done, if any. Still, these shouldn’t get in the way of finding way... | Read More

  Posted on June 14, 2022   Last updated on October 28, 2022 |   

What Causes Enlarged Breasts in Men?

It should go without saying that men, just like women, can also be conscious about the way they look. We can be just as vain, if not more, about our physical appearance. While many guys are content with maintaining their good looks, others desire physical improvements. Consider the case of Detroit, ... | Read More

  Posted on June 6, 2022   Last updated on June 9, 2022 |   

Why Do I Have Belly Fat Even Though I Exercise?

It is very difficult to lose belly fat. In all honesty, no matter how religiously you exercise or strictly watch your diet, belly fat tends to remain on your body, seemingly refusing to leave. It only gets more difficult as you age and your metabolism slows down. When faced with these sobering doses... | Read More

  Posted on May 19, 2022   Last updated on October 28, 2022 |   

Treat Yourself to a Mommy Makeover

Although Mother’s Day only comes once a year, there’s no reason why we can’t celebrate it all year round. Our mothers deserve all of our gratitude for taking care of us and serving as foundations for our lives at home. You moms deserve every opportunity to spoil yourself and one of the ways to... | Read More

  Posted on May 9, 2022   Last updated on May 25, 2022 |   

Get Your Body Summer Ready with a Tummy Tuck

Everyone wants to look good in the summer, the time of year when many people go to the beach and flaunt their curves. But looking good in the summer requires months of preparation. If you want to flaunt your flat stomach and abs, you need to start dieting and exercising consistently months before yo... | Read More

  Posted on April 15, 2022   Last updated on April 25, 2022 |   

Top Tips for the Best Breast Augmentation Results

The reputation and recognition of breast augmentation as one of the most popular types of plastic surgeries in the US didn’t come without its fair share of successfully performed procedures that made women become the best version of themselves. Over the years, more and more patients have explored ... | Read More

  Posted on April 8, 2022   Last updated on June 21, 2022 |   

Breast Reduction Surgery for Female Athletes

In the ever-evolving world of sports, athletes constantly look for ways to stay ahead of their competition. Whether spending more hours in the gym training or hiring nutrition experts to help them build a diet according to their physique, innovations in sports have made it possible for athletes to e... | Read More

  Posted on March 15, 2022   Last updated on January 18, 2023 |   

What to Do After a Traumatic Injury to the Nose

Injuries to the face, especially the nose, are inevitable in sporting events. They can be the result of a collision with an opponent or an accidental blow with a piece of sports equipment. Dedicated athletes know that it is important to see a doctor check the severity of these accidents, but there a... | Read More

  Posted on March 10, 2022   Last updated on March 15, 2022 |   

TikTok & Plastic Surgery: Why A Lot Of Young Audiences Consider “Going Under The Knife”

Celebrities and influencers aren't the only people on TikTok these days. In the last year and a half spent at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, a new wave of users of all ages and backgrounds has started using the trending social media content platform. With over 130 million active users in the ... | Read More

  Posted on February 8, 2022   Last updated on January 18, 2023 |   

5 Best Cosmetic Surgery Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Everyone wants to make their Valentine's feel special. Jewelry, chocolates, wine, and a bouquet of roses have all proven to be great gifts, but they are all rather traditional. So, if you are looking for trendy, unique gifts that will make your Valentine feel good, it's time to consider cosmetic sur... | Read More

  Posted on February 1, 2022   Last updated on February 9, 2022 |   

How to Manage Your Holiday Weight Gain through Body Contouring

Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, most people have two main concerns: weight gain after the holidays and how to deal with it. The holidays interfere with diets because people gather for parties. Coupled with lack of sleep and other factors during this fast-paced time, it's hard to get... | Read More

  Posted on January 15, 2022   Last updated on February 9, 2022 |