Are The Results Of An Abdominal Etching Permanent?

One of the greatest battles people have waged for centuries has been the so-called “battle of the bulge” Both men and women have been struggling to keep their tummies smaller or flatter since time immemorial Numerous diets and exercise routines have been formulated to aid in this battle... | Read More

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is abdominal etching permanent

One of the greatest battles people have waged for centuries has been the so-called “battle of the bulge.” Both men and women have been struggling to keep their tummies smaller or flatter since time immemorial.

Numerous diets and exercise routines have been formulated to aid in this battle although it often feels like a losing proposition. While diet and exercise have long been viewed as the foundation for weight loss, bodybuilding, and athletic training, certain fat deposits remain.

Fat deposits around the midsection, in particular, feel like the most resilient and most difficult to eliminate entirely, but that’s because of the important role that they play. This subcutaneous fat protects vital organs, prevents heat loss, and protects the body against external physical stress.

That same importance is what makes these fat deposits more resistant to exercise and diets. The result is the dilemma that many terms a “spare tire” seemingly perpetually wrapped around a person’s stomach despite all kinds of exercise and dieting.

To keep fighting this fight against fat deposits, one type of surgery that has increased in popularity is “six-pack liposuction” or “six-pack surgery.” More famously known as “abdominal etching,” this type of surgery removes stomach fat to allow your natural abs to protrude forward and create a natural appearance of a six-pack.

Beyond more mainstream procedures like liposuctions and tummy tucks, abdominal etching helps you finally get those washboard abs without needing to spend countless hours in a gym, counting calories, or depriving yourself of food that you love.

How Do You Prepare For An Abdominal Etching?

Before undergoing the abdominal etching procedure, patients must always consult first with a licensed and board-certified plastic surgeon. In this regard, the process is similar to the preparation prior to traditional liposuction.

During the consultation phase, you can freely discuss with your doctor whatever expectations you may have before going under the knife. Any health concerns or issues you may have regarding your body type should also be addressed during this stage.

For two weeks before surgery, you will have to stop taking aspirin, herbal supplements, and medication that thins your blood while increasing the risk of bleeding. It is paramount that your surgeon is made aware of any and all prescription medications that you are taking. If you’re a smoker, you’ll also have to stop smoking a month before surgery.

Patients have to arrange a ride to and from the facility on the day of surgery.

What Do You Get From Abdominal Etching?

Anyone exposed to athletes or movies dreams of having washboard abs like the professionals. To be at the top of their respective games, these people seemingly work their bodies to perfection and those chiseled abdominal muscles are proof.

In reality, however, it is much more difficult to achieve a six-pack, and when you do get them, it’s even harder to maintain their shape. This becomes exponentially more difficult as you get older and your body’s metabolism inevitably slows down.

The fact is that your dream of six-pack abs might best be achieved by opting for abdominal etching surgery. The use of advanced surgical techniques means faster recovery time than what happens with traditional liposuction but more effective results as well.

Are the Results Permanent?

The results of abdominal etching, in general, are permanent unless the patient gets pregnant or gains a significant amount of weight. Also, the natural process of aging means that, at some point in time, your abs might not be as defined and visible as they are right after the procedure.

Since liposuction involves the removal of fat cells from the body, new fat cells cannot form in the same area post-surgery, hence the permanence of the procedure. The fatty tissue that was extracted from your body is permanently gone. However, and this has to be stressed, by no means does that mean that new fatty tissue won’t take its place.

It is therefore important that you maintain relatively the same weight that you were when you had the abdominal etching surgery. Doing so ensures that the fat removal achieved is permanent and unaltered.

Turn That Pot Belly Into Six-Pack Abs

Say goodbye to that spare tire around your waist! Contact us at Memorial Plastic Surgery for a consultation and say hello to the washboard abs you’ve always dreamed of!

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