The Truth about Liposuction

  Posted on August 12, 2013   Last updated on October 30, 2014 |   

Immediately, the mention of liposuction brings to mind a patient lying down belly up on a table with a doctor standing by the area of operation inserting a tube that sucks out the fat. Simple right? Not really. You see, there are some myths associated with liposuction including the fact that it’s an easy operation with just one tool.
The first myth is that it is a simple procedure like I stated before. It’s really not. The decisions that the doctor makes are one of two things: what cannula to use and where to reconnect the skin. What cannula to use is an important decision because it is really the only instrument that goes inside the body and can be as simple as a tube that simply sucks out the fat or it can be so specialized that it can emit lasers or water to make the fat extraction easier. You see, there are actually 6 cannulas the doctor can use.
In a typical liposuction procedure, what the doctor actually does is pull the cannula back and forth not to plunge it further but to loosen the fat cells, making it easier to extract using suction. This exercise has caused some problems before when the doctor makes a mistake. To minimize risks and mistakes on the doctor’s part, technology was used to advance these cannulas, ultimately making the whole procedure less of a risk for the patient.
The second myth deals with the outcome and main purpose of liposuction. What many think liposuction achieves is weight loss. This is flawed. In fact, if the doctor proceeds and sucks out excessive fat, the body will be in such a state of shock because of the differences of before and after that a healthy outcome is highly improbable. What liposuction truly achieves is contouring.
Picture a friend who recently adopted a fit lifestyle of going to the gym after being so tired of having a chubby appearance. What normally happens is that some fat deposits remain even after intensive workouts, even if it has been undergone for long periods of time. Usually, individuals resort to liposuction to take out that excess fat. Always remember that the keyword to understanding what these procedures are for is in the name: Cosmetic Surgery. It’s purely for aesthetic purposes and should not be used as a way to lose weight. Losing weight should be done by eating properly and working out. Liposuction is only a supplement for tightening and contouring the look of the body.
As the skin does not snap back to the tightness it used to have after gaining weight, liposuction is usually coupled with a tummy tuck to tighten up the features of the body.

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