10 Key Benefits of CO2 Laser Resurfacing: An Insight from Dr. McElwee

In my years of experience as a facial plastic surgeon, there is one procedure I’ve seen make a significant difference in my patients’ lives over the years, it’s CO2 laser resurfacing At Memorial Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer and promote this remarkable procedure As... | Read More

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In my years of experience as a facial plastic surgeon, there is one procedure I’ve seen make a significant difference in my patients’ lives over the years, it’s CO2 laser resurfacing. At Memorial Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer and promote this remarkable procedure. As always, my aim is to provide everyone with the most up-to-date and beneficial treatments available in the world of aesthetic medicine.

Having seen countless success stories, I’d love to share the top ten benefits of CO2 laser resurfacing:

  1. Rejuvenation of Skin: CO2 laser resurfacing is a powerhouse when it comes to reviving and refreshing tired, aged skin. It stimulates collagen production, bringing life back to a dull complexion.
  2. Tackling Wrinkles and Fine Lines: Those pesky wrinkles and fine lines don’t stand a chance against the precision of the CO2 laser. Post-treatment, patients often say they feel years younger and that their skin reflects that.
  3. Reduction of Acne Scars: I’ve seen the pain acne scars can cause, both physically and emotionally. CO2 lasers offer a solution, significantly reducing the appearance of many types of acne scars. An individual consultation is needed to know if your acne scars will improve, however.
  4. Balancing Skin Tone: Uneven pigmentation and discoloration can be a thing of the past. This treatment addresses these concerns, revealing a more even and harmonious skin tone.
  5. Minimally Invasive: Unlike many surgical procedures, CO2 laser resurfacing is minimally invasive. This means less downtime and quicker recovery for you.
  6. Precision: The beauty of this technology lies in its precision. It allows me to target very specific problem areas without affecting the surrounding skin.
  7. Enhanced Skin Tightening: As we age, skin laxity can be a concern. The CO2 laser stimulates collagen, leading to firmer and tighter skin.
  8. Treatment of Benign Skin Lesions: Beyond aesthetics, the laser can be used to treat non-cancerous skin growths, offering both medical and cosmetic benefits. An individual consultation is needed to evaluate which benign skin lesions will improve with the CO2 laser.
  9. Safe and Effective: At Memorial Plastic Surgery, we prioritize your safety. With the right expertise, CO2 laser treatments are not only very effective but also safe.
  10. Boosted Confidence: Beyond the physical benefits, the emotional upliftment and renewed confidence my patients experience post-treatment are truly priceless.

Glimpse to the Procedure

Watch as I take you through the procedure, emphasizing its precision and remarkable results in my Instagram post. This laser stimulates natural collagen production in the targeted skin areas, crucial for firmness and elasticity. It removes damaged skin layers, allowing healthy new skin cells to grow. Plus, it offers minimal downtime! You can even combine it with facial surgery for optimal results.

Patient’s New Skin Journey with CO2 Laser

After many years in the field, it’s always heartening to witness the transformative power of aesthetic medicine. A recent patient of mine, as showcased in an Instagram post is a wonderful testament to this.

Aftercare is crucial with CO2 laser resurfacing. It can make all the difference in the results. We provided our patient with a detailed aftercare plan, ensuring she knew what to expect and how to care for her skin. This included managing the initial redness, sensitivity, and the steps she’d need to take to protect and nourish her skin in the days and weeks post-treatment.

After a week, I observed the transformation unfolding. The uneven tones started giving way to a more harmonious complexion. The fine lines began to fade, replaced by a more youthful vitality as seen in the video.

Our Patient’s Journey with Memorial Plastic Surgery

Our patient’s journey is a testament to the power of CO2 laser resurfacing, paired with meticulous aftercare. It’s a reminder of why I chose this profession – to be a part of such profound transformations and to play a role in individuals rediscovering their confidence

If you’re seeking a transformation that not only makes your skin look better but also makes you feel better from the inside out, CO2 laser resurfacing might just be what you’re looking for.

At Memorial Plastic Surgery, our commitment is to guide and support you every step of the way. I personally ensure that every patient receives the utmost care and the best possible results. Contact us today and unlock that effortlessly youthful skin.


  1. How long before I’m back on my feet, Doc?
    Well, it’s not a one-size-fits-all answer. Generally, a week or two. But remember, each one of you is unique.
  2. Any surprises or side effects?
    You might see some redness or feel a bit of swelling. But worry not, it’s temporary and usually settles in about a week.
  3. Is it going to hurt?
    Think of it as a fleeting warmth, almost like basking in the sun. And don’t worry; we’ve got some creams to keep you comfy.
  4. How many times do I need to come in?
    It varies. Some of you will see magic in one go, while others might need a few visits. We’ll tailor it to you.
  5. Is this good for all skin types?
    While the CO2 laser is versatile, always pop in for a chat. We’ll plan the perfect treatment for your unique skin.

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